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  1. It looks like Cura 4.1 brought in the print via cloud features - now working very well and as expected; it also resolved our network printing issue where the IP of the machine was being forgotten on launch.
  2. We are getting the bricked S5 replaced on Friday, so UM and the service provider can investigate. Print via cloud working very well on Cura 4.1.
  3. Yes, I was not expecting auto discovery to work - however adding by IP should work (it did not, the IP address was valid and contactable. In any case the extended cloud features resolved these issues i.e. printing via cloud now works as you would expect i.e. a new button appears in Cura, not just "print via network" but print via cloud that works nicely. (yey!) Interestingly monitoring via cura 4.1 over cloud disables the webcam. i.e. you cant view webcam over the cloud yet.
  4. Yes, as far as I can see the power cycle has caused the brick.
  5. A user followed the update firmware prompt on the printer. - So via network. The ultimaker logo appears, the LCD flickers full white and then it just sits on LCD backlight on with a black screen. I have never had a "clean" firmware install on a S5 yet; they always hang. It was on the latest firmware before 5.2 hotfix, I don't know if you roll releases - is there a way to find out easily? I would like to fix this here if at all possible; done it a few times on UM3.
  6. I was using a Ultimaker S5. The IP was accessible from the machine, but the network topology is printer on VLAN with web access to Laptop over isolated Wifi (eduroam). When I clicked into the add printer by IP dialog it did not show any printers. Using the old method allowed you to enter the IP, but then it does not save the entry and does not connect. After I did a cloud print the printer appeared in the add new printer auto-discovery. I can no longer test, as hotfix 5.2 firmware update that the printer prompted has bricked the printer and it needs to be sent back to a service center.
  7. As an update, Firmware 5.2 hotfix failed to install (stuck halfway for 1 hour) - upon reboot my S5 is bricked.
  8. Initial report: Adding via IP in the new dialog fails connect to the printer. Adding via old "connect via network" button fails to do anything after you enter the IP - which is less functional than before. New print via cloud button works. Networked enabled printer was eventually (2/3mins) auto discovered in the new dialog, but there was no indication this was happening. It may have also only suddenly appeared after the first "print via cloud".
  9. Which features are actually meant to be available? Is Ultimaker Cloud currently just a tunnel to the machine? Or is there an actual token exchange with Ultimaker Cloud to enable the printer to talk to a cloud server and CURA talking to the cloud server? I don't even think there is a url to login to the Ultimaker Cloud, or at least its not available from ultimaker.com homepage. Either way there are no steps to reproduce, it just currently has nothing there! Just some empty UI dialogs in CURA and on the machine. I can "sign in" to an ultimaker from cura on many computers, but it does not add any functionality.
  10. You will not find help here, we have had the issue open in the cura GitHub for quite some time.
  11. Unfortunately you will not find help here. We have had the issue open on the cura GitHub for quite some time.
  12. None of the cloud features work at all. Does anyone have a list of which features are actually meant to work? The ultimaker account online is totally sparse...
  13. I think its problematic that UM printer specific features i.e. connect cloud - are now integrated into the open source project. The S5 presumably has such a price tag to include support ( actually working ) for these features i.e. (it was certainly advertised that way). I am not trying to be fussy, but being able to see Ultimakers flagship printer on Ethernet in Cura seems like it should be working; especially since its so annoying for the workflow of the machine. I think CURA is fantastic, its just a shame to see these Ultimaker S5 issues...
  14. The github issue is not mine, I had no idea that there was such separation of support.
  15. The issue has been in github for sometime... https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura/issues/5477
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