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  1. I gave up and sent it back! Why ultimaker didn't put the deprimer inside the station before the feeders I have no idea; then you could quickly retract, change and have the station priming the now unloaded filament without holding up the machine.
  2. This is why I returned the unit, even with eventual firmware fixes it will never actually be as simple as a manual load.
  3. I returned my material sation today, many issues and problems and it was a detriment to a manual workflow. Try printing with polycarbonate, the purge gets into the z axis screw most of the time and will ruin the print. Really poor experience with it, why hasn't it been further tested before release?
  4. I have not seen this behaviour with the material station, can you confirm how to actually get this to work? Currently I cannot manually load anything via the screen other than Ultimaker materials, or items added via above method - which still have to be unique filament "types".
  5. Sure, The material xml is defined here: https://github.com/Ultimaker/fdm_materials/blob/master/scripts/fdmmaterial.xsd I used this tool to auth and push to the printer: https://github.com/flyinggorilla/ultimaker-s5 You can confirm it easily by going to the printer at: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/cluster-api/v1/materials/ It also has a a swagger docs at: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/docs/api It would probably be worthwhile for GUIDs for all materials to be centralised somewhere to stop conflicts.
  6. @SandervG When can I expect the material station back?
  7. Can you please let suppliers know some information? Something like why the material station was recalled and when it will be back with us, as we already purchased and it would be helpful to plan when we can offer material switching again.
  8. It was picked up 12/11/19 as Ultimaker had already requested it back several times. I believe they said it was something to do with the Material Station being able to brick the S5. I don't have an ETA for return.
  9. Our material station that was working fine was picked up in the middle of the night by the reseller and sent back to Ultimaker. No news since!
  10. The purge strings cause by the material station get wrapped around the z axis lead screw and cause error. This happens both when the machine is totally clean, and after a few filament switches.
  11. Today I used the REST API to upload custom GUID and existing updated GUID profiles to achieve generic PLA colours in the material station, for now they have to be defined as new "types" of filament, not just a colour, but it works well with the generic PLA xml settings.
  12. After adding some materials via the API you can now just load them as different types of material for now. See the attached lock out due to not having break positions etc and then the result of using a more up to date xml.fdm_material with those fields. Good news is that custom writes to the tags works and selects colour GUIDs as expected. Ultimaker you should document the schema for the xml, there is a double entry for the U3 in most profiles.
  13. @Daid This is now more important that the material station cannot accept anything other than one colour of each non ultimaker filament. Even material alliance filaments cannot have more than one colour loaded into the material station.
  14. Top priority for material alliance filaments!! Can it be loaded via S5 REST interface to upload .fdm_material types?
  15. Hi, I already have the profiles for the generic materials (A true generic yellow PLA and filamentive rPLA white) - how do I send these to the material station for selection?
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