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  1. Right... I was convinced of the opposite... How is this implemented technically ? is there a chance that this comes as an upgrade sooner or later ?
  2. Same on my Ultimaker 3 with 5.2.11
  3. As far as I'm concerned, I have just installed / tested the 5.2.11on UM3. Things went smoothly. I'm not using Wifi and have not tested things on that matter. - Active leveling seems way better - XY calibration pattern extrusion issue solved, and I confirm that repeatability issue is solved too (running several calibration in a row returns same offset values !)
  4. Release notes missing some important points such as xy calibration repeatabiliy issue confirmed on another thread : Therefore i guess that upgrading this firmware should go with as full xy recalibration. And that would have been nice to be told
  5. thank you for the confirmation... i think this was the biggest bug for me in 5.2.8
  6. by the way, the glass plate clip system for the UM3 is not the best that could be imagined... Especially, there is no lateral clamping at all...
  7. on the picture, your glass plate looks shifted from the aluminium plate. Could it be that the clips get loose and the glass plate is moving on the side during the print ?
  8. That would have been nice to haev this kind of info in the release notes... Anyway, after taking time reading the forum, it seems clear that some work was done in latest firmware adressing the auto-levelling feature, and that this work has not ended up to the best user experience... As @rodmar said, I really hope we'll have some clear official statement of Ultimaker about all know issues.
  9. Hello, I agree that the Q/A decision to release only after solving all issues at once seems rather strange... Especially when you consider that not all issues have the same "basic usage" critical impact. By the way, having a complete official list of all issues found and being under correction trial so far by Ultimaker team would be nice... I have only seen acknowledgment of XY calibration pattern extrusion issue, but I suspect they are other "officially known" (otherwise why would it take so long to solve...) My printer is quite new (received it beginning of March) so i'm in a delicate position for stating things, but I have the feeling that other printing quality issues arised after switching to new firmware + CURA 4. Some issues may be from CURA 4, but others would also be from firmware. e.g. : - As other users, I believe that the active leveling was working better before. I'm not having the head scracthing the glass as some aer reporting, but it's definitely getting too close to it (and I'm not using any kind of Z plugins or custom g code) and this results in difficult extrusion for first layer (sometimes causing filament grinding) - I'm experiencing network loss of connectivity (printer is networked though Ethernet cable), both on CURA side and mobile app side. I've been compiling latest github CURA 4 yesterday, I'll check if this development version makes things better on that side. I'm not using WiFi on the printer side, so I have nothing to tell about printer WiFi. - I'm experiencing more under extrusion issues than before. I believe that this is a combination of "under-optimal" bed leveling that causes some filament grinding, and also some strange default CURA 4 parameters about retraction (and I definitely experienced grinding because of too many retractions). - I'm experiencing a X/Y pattern repeatability issue cf. thread : I have never tried changing printcores before the firware update, so I can't tell if this is new behaviour. Anyway, since my last calibration procedure with a 0/0 pre start setting, things are getting better. I hope to read about Ultimaker official soon... about new firmware release would be the best, but intermediate information is also much welcome as far as I'm concerned... Regards
  10. I went a little further with testing today : Initial state was X : 5 Y : 17 I ran a first calibration test : result : X : 7 Y : 13 I ran a second calibration test : result X : -5 Y : -18 While going back to the menu to check if the values where properly taken into account, I saw in the "change offset" that signs looks like they were not taken into accoun (or badly). At this stage, I went for a full printer reset (factory + cura connect) After reset, I manually entered the last test results : -5 / -18 I ran a third calibration test : result : X : 7 Y : 13 I checked though change offset, this time, the correct values are displayed. I ran a forth calibration test result : X : -5 Y : -18 I ran a fifth calibration test : result X : 7 Y : 13 At this stage, it seems clear that there is something wrong as the calibration oscilates between 2 set of values, so I went for the following : I manually changed the offsets to 0 / 0 and ran a sixth calibration result is X : 2 Y : -5 I can see that 2 = 7 -5 and -5 = 13 - 18 At this stage, I would think that there is some kind of bug in the firmware... something like "relative vs. absolute" offset management.
  11. Hello, despite the fact that I need to manually push the filament with current 5.2.8 firmware on my UM3, I just tried the following : doing 2 X/Y calibration patterns in a row. I mean : I did one calibration pattern, up to the end, entering the X/Y offset values, and immediatly did a second one (after cleaning the glass plate). I ended up with 2 very different set of values : X:5 / Y -7 the first time X : -5 / Y : - 17 the second time What could be wrong here ? Nothing changd between both prints (same material, same printcore, a few minutes between both prints)
  12. I just noticed the exact same issue on my UM3 (bought in March 2019). I don't know if I had this from the beginning or when it did happen. The spring was quite messed up because I did not noticed this before today and I guess I damaged it by pushing the printcore in place. I've been dismounting the head, sliighly undistorded the spring and then put it the other way round so that the "good" end fit in place nicely where it belongs. I used this post as a guide for the assembly order. Everything seems good right now. Still I'd like to buy a new spring in case it happens again. Do you have any reference to provide ? Regards
  13. I'm quite new to 3D printing, UM3 is my first printer. I noticed same behaviour, and here are my findings : I solved it by changing the retractation parameters in CURA 4. I believe that the default settings are very strange with those default values (PLA) : Minimum retractation travel : 0.7 mm Maximum retractation count : 25 Minimum extrusion distance window : 1 mm I found that this would cause a large number of retractations on some prints / print parts and that would cause grinding and / or under extrusion. After changing those values to 2 mm / 20 / 4.5 mm solved my issue on a part that was repeatingly failing. Something interesting in CURA would be capability to display the retractations in order to have a pre-print analysis on this (important) parameter
  14. I also noticed this and reported on CURA github : https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura/issues/5500 Answer so far is that is it a know but hard to avoid behaviour...
  15. Same behaviour here. The PLA blob usually stay in place, but for my dual extrusion prints, the PVA one is almost always carried toward the print area...
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