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  1. Thanks for your efforts. You are a true champ! Its still giving the same message. Must be a syntax or laravel version issue? What do you recon?
  2. Many thanks for your time and concern. Yes, I am fully aware of the security issues but again thanks. I am struggling at the minute with the syntax as I am using https://github.com/ixudra/curl for curl commands. I am using Laravel from where I am calling different commands which work for the GET command but not for the PUT/POST command e.g; $response=Curl::to('http://xxx.xxx.x.xx/api/v1/system/memory')->withHeader('Accept: application/json')->returnResponseObject() ->get(); It works absolutely fine and many other GET commands as well as the following; $res
  3. Now it's giving the error saying {"message": "400 Bad Request"}
  4. On Swagger I am able to change the name of the printer with the following command curl -X PUT --header 'Content-Type: application/json' --header 'Accept: application/json' -d '"zaaf77"' '' But When I run the same command into the command prompt (by changing the single quotes into double) it gives the following error {"message": "Authorization required."} How do I authorize it? I am struggling with the logic as well as syntax mainly! I know the id and key you can get from the following command: curl -X POST --header 'Content-T
  5. Also, would you please let us know where do learn these gcode stuff etc. for example if i want to change the name displayed during the idle time into "googly eyes" or "resting person" something like that how is it possible? What are the possibilities we can do with the 3D printer software without breaking/bricking it? How far we can go? what would be the safe passage? These questions and many more related/similar you already being asked? Please getting more and more curious about 3D printer! Thanks.
  6. Thanks for your reply. It doesn't work on atleast with me. I am trying to print gcode directly from my website to the 3D printer without using any interface like cura or 3dPrintOS etc... I am not interested in any slicing job or any other thing only to be able to send a gcode file directly from my(any) website to the 3Dprinter....
  7. Whats the new code (RGB), Do you or anyone else know? plz share...
  8. it's well in the past, just wondering if you made more progress on doing stuff using Node and 3D printing, if so, would you like to share your thoughts here, pelase?
  9. @sxj1121... .. Many thanks for your help and is much much appreciated! Thanks for the piece of code just above as well as a reference to your PHP7, Would you be kind enough to share the link to this.... I mean PHP7 you just mentioned above.... Much appreciated once again and thankyou so very much... Have a nice day!
  10. @sxj1121 any chance you got your printing done with PHP, would you like to share some more on it then? I am working on the same thingy, actually I want to authorize the user to print GCODE files from my website to directly to their 3DPrinter say ( ultimaker S5). I also want to restrict the number of prints as well but that's second step. More interested into the process of printing a GCODE directly from my website to the 3D printer, have you any thoughts on it? Waiting on you and thanking you in advance!
  11. Many thanks for your reply. Yes, I do understand someone should have to have some development background, thanks for your concern. I was looking for something like: and just in case someone else turn-up like me a newbie. VPN is another good clue, thanks again!
  12. I am sure what you mentioned just above is the perfect answer, but due to lack of my development skills I am unable to implement it. Any chance you can link any tutorial or article or close example of this or this sort of implementation. I am using Laravel and newbie to it as well! I tried to find out on youtube or google but couldn't find any example. Just can't figure out where I shall be putting this code into my website. Sorry, I know it's bit of far low but that's my start. I shall be really thankful to you.
  13. Hi community, Did anyone ever tried to access the Ultimaker S5 API from a web server ? Currently, I am using 3dPrinterOS, Cura etc to 3d-print my gcode files. I want to print without using these interfaces, e.g. If I have GCODE file I want to print it directly on the Ultimaker S5 without being on the same network. Is there any way? If some of you have feedbacks and tips on it, I'll be glad to ear. Thanks
  14. @arnaudcosson How did you end up? Would you like to share your research or any solution here as I am looking for nearly same sort of solution? That would be really great help!
  15. I want to print a GCODE which is on my website directly on S5 without any interface, Is it possible? Do we have any API for this? Could you please help me with this?
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