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  1. At the minimal end, you can get layer height inaccuracy if the print head moves up and down due to play. In my case the whole rod fell out mid print!
  2. Notice the screw has adequate clearance during print head's full range of motion.
  3. I print with an enclosure and with pc so it gets a hot build chamber which has promoted my slider block to fatigue, letting loose my X and Y rods. After a second set of failed slider blocks I figured an effective, very easy solution. From the internal boss that holds the spring, I drilled out the internal hole with a 1/16” drill. Then used a very small sheet metal type screw. The head is the mount for a small O ring to suspend the x/y rod! Ensure the screw head does not protrude out too far which could cause interference with machine operation. i hope this helps someone!
  4. Excellent reply, thank you i appreciate your knowledge. I have made a few discoveries. 1. My CR10S S5 with the ufw marlin; fan will not run until approximately at 19%. Around 15% I could manually spin it and then it would run. I may try a different fan *I have a Meanwell supply turned up to 14v 2. My CR10S PRO; my fault on that as on the touch screen display, the fan was set off 'X'. Both problems solved. Your suggestion to spin the fan prompted me to think turn up the %. Thank you. And Cura, i will never think of cheating on you again!
  5. No luck, still does not work. I will try another slicer.
  6. Hello, I run Cura for my Ultimaker and my two CR10s printers. I have encountered a new problem which I believe to be related to the slicer program. I am seeking to run the part fan at 7% which displays on both my printers as this fan being on, however the fan is OFF! Upon start of print, the part fan runs so I know it is functioning. After the bed leveling stage and once it is about to lay the first layer of the brim, the fan turns off and stays off the entire print. I have even set in the slicer for the fan to turn on at full speed at the initial layer, but is stays OFF. Is there something in the settings elsewhere causing this issue? Thanks very much! Dan
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