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  1. I decided it was finally time to try to upgrade the firmware (4.3.96) that got stuck in one of my printers several months ago. It has never been able to upgrade the firmware since and has the bug where you have to restart after removing a print. I had to change which network I was on at work to get outside connectivity. When I setup the new wifi network the wifi started acting crazy. I tried going back to my normal network. Now the wifi won't connect, it will just turn off the wifi and think there is an ethernet cable connected. The worst part though is that now every time power gets cycled th
  2. Enabling retraction should help with stringing, it won't help with the other issues though.
  3. We have used PEI on glass for a little more than 2 years in Ultimaker 3. We had a separate glass plate without PEI to use for auto leveling until I accidentally auto leveled with PEI about a year ago. We have been using the auto leveling with the PEI on ever since. The only thing I have found is that you need to manually level the bed on the low side. By that, I mean that the screws you turn to manually level the bed can't be turned out very far.
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