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  1. I am hoping this fixes my issue as well, where I could get it to start the print, but the extruder stepper would not budge. I narrowed it down, through troubleshooting to a slicing error, but could not find it. SO I deleted all my profiles and reloaded Cura, tweaked the settings I KNOW i needed to and left everything else alone. Hope this helps, will test tomorrow.
  2. I want to say first, I am a newbie at 3d printing. However, I was just wondering. Is there any reason you could not just copy your parts in the 3d software (I use simple Tinkercad, select copy and repeat to make multiple copies). I have not actually printed it yet, but am going to try. Is there any reason why that would not work, and treat it like one object, therefore one skirt around all?
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