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  1. Since the Firmware 5.6.8, the results are much better. At the moment, it's OK for me and my UMS5 works very fine. I hope Ultimaker keeps it up. Then it will even be very good 😉 Roland
  2. Funktioniert die Salzwasser-Lösung auch mit Breakaway?
  3. Es geht eigentlich ja nicht darum, ob die Glasplatte kaputt ging (1 ging nach ca. 220 Druck-Tagen kaputt), sondern das die Teile so fest haften. Ich habe es auch schon mit normalem Wasser versucht. Gleiches Resultat. Daher glaube ich, dass es mit dem Brim zusammen hängt.
  4. 1. Danke für den Tipp. Ich nehme nun "Alkohol" dazu. Sieht auch besser aus 2. Mit Schicht: Keine Chance: Habe Uhu, Klarlack und Magigoo verwendet. Bringe das Teil gar nicht mehr ab 3. Muss ich mal schauen Danke.
  5. So früh war es nicht. Das habe ich mir auch so zusammen philosophiert. Denn es kann nichts anderes sein 😉
  6. Danke für die Tipps Bzgl. der Glasplatten: 1 davon ist brandneu, da mir die vorhergehende bei einer Entfernung eines Objekts in 1000 Teile zersprungen ist. Da denke ich, dass es nicht unbedingt daran liegt. Was mir aber aufgefallen ist: Ich habe seit 8 Prints ohne Brim gearbeitet. Nun seit 2 Prints wieder mit. Es ist wieder bedeutend besser. Ich weiss: Was hat das eine mit dem anderen zu tun. Ist aber tatsächlich so.... Roli
  7. Hallo zusammen Ich habe ein Problem, das bei vielen wahrscheinlich eher auf die andere Seite fällt. Meine Prints haften zu fest. Ich benutze ein PLA-ähnliches Material (Extrudr BioFusion) auf der Glasplatte OHNE jegliches Zusatzprodukt (also kein Uhu-Kleber, kein Magigoo, nichts). Ich reinige die Glasplatte einfach nach jedem Druck mit Fensterreiniger. Das Problem: Selbst nach 3 Stunden im Kühlschrank bringe ich das Teil in 8 von 10 Fällen fast nicht weg und wenn dann doch, sehe ich die "Klebespuren" (Haftungsspruen) am Objekt. Was gibt es für Möglichkeiten? (S5 Pro Bundle) Gruss Roli
  8. And "Reset Connect" on the printers display?
  9. I had the same. Turn off the whole machine (including the MS). Turn all on. And try it again.
  10. Hi, Also with the new Firmware 5.7 there are the same problems with the connectivity. After about 1-2 minutes, the printer was connected.
  11. 1: Company, 1 Gb/s internal (RJ45) and external (up/down, glass fiber). Full speed, very good connections (tested) 2: 1 S5 Pro Bundle (All buyed after the other: S5 in Sept 2019, Air Manager in Nov 2019 and MS in Mai 2020). 3: After 2.5h a re-establishing was made automatically. Until then, no connections (through all possibilities).
  12. Hi With the new firmware 5.6.8 I have a lot of problems with the connection. I can't connect to the printer (show progress in CURA, Connect or Cloud). But if I connect with the Cloud, I get a number on the display of the printer. I can insert this number on the browser in the field (6 numbers) and it is accepted. But the page (and also the "Connect" and the CURA) tells me, the printer is not reachable. After a printer restart and a reset of the Connect, all will running. Strange! FYI: I use only LAN, no WLAN. It's an internal network with a good connectivity and also outgoing with 1Gb/s. Roland
  13. @robinmdh Some information about the connectivity issue: Start of printing, yesterday (09.06.), about 12:30, Print duration 1d 1h 31m. Pict 1: CURA, screenshot taken today, 13:08. Take a look to the percentage progress bar and the end time. Pict2: Connect WebPage, same time. Specially: The print which has ended (Beendet) after 5h 29m is the same which is actually in printing mode and the same, which is above (Finishes in 1d 1h 31m). This are not 2 different prints. Pict3: Display, same time. The "real" duration until ending. In all cases, the camera feed is running. I've tried 3h before finishing the actual print to print a new object to the printer. After this, the process take a very long time. In CURA, the printer was lose and on Connect, the picture below is showing. This for about 1 minute. After this time, the new object is showing as in the queue. After 2 hours, I take a look. Now I have an other problem. The print in the queue would not be printed. The error msg is in German. But I think you know what this means. Result: I must switch of my S5 and restart it. Why?
  14. @robinmdh Some information: 1. Both. In Cura, the whole connection is missing (printer not available (it will be reset to active) or available, the percentage will not be actualized and - because the always same percentage - also the end time goes ahead) On Connect as example, the progress bar is in the middle (about 50%), but in CURA, the percentage will be 8%. If I close CURA and restart it, all is OK and correct. On Connect there is an irregular loss of connection, but it is restored after 5-15 seconds. 2. What you mean? No part fell on the print by changing or new printing. I use only PLA and BreakAway and for me, it works now. 3. Would be great. Perhaps, we can set the time span (e.g. 6h) for "not unloading" throug ourself on Connect, Cloud, Display or in CURA. 4. Thanks for the information. I understand this procedure with the Printcore, which was not currently active. But why does it have to be done with the printcore that is currently active some seconds before? This has or should have enough material in it.
  15. I was one of the biggest critics of Ultimaker. However, the latest firmware seems to do a lot well. 1. The video feed has never crashed since Tuesday. 2. The change from the same material with strings that fall off has improved massively. Until now, no part fell off during a new print or during a change of material and then remained on the print. Before that, 4 out of 5 prints / changes were the case. 3. No Errors by changing materials (start or change). This means that the S5 Pro Bundle can now be used really well. Nevertheless, there are still a few points that need to be looked at again: 1. The connection via LAN sometimes crashes. After 10-20 seconds, however, it exists again. 2. CURA often has connection problems and the completion notification is no longer correct. 3. Since I often print with the same filament one after the other, I should be able to tell the printer that it is not spending so much material at the beginning. There is no point in simply stripping off so much material when using the same color and material. It also makes the whole process much faster. 4. When changing the material during printing (filament runs out) the change takes a relatively long time and there may be small layer errors. It's the same as in point 3, whereby (almost) always the same material is used as before. Overall, the new version is a quantum leap.
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