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  1. This problem I had also one time in version 5.8.1. It's a great great moment if you have a MaterialStation and the main thing doesn't work: Changing of material if it's empty. But I was thinking that this was a problem because my other problem. It doesn't seem like that. At the moment I have 3 Problems. Very well quality of the firmware. Roland
  2. Hi Greg Do you see: I'm not the only which has problem to cancel prints. I'm so "happy"!! Perhaps you should test this by yourself. It's very easy. Cancel a print and this would be the result. Perhaps you must set the printer to "German". I don't know. I hope that you finally believe me now. Roland
  3. Hi Greg I have a problem with PC2 (I'm in contact with Szahari. He is really trying very hard to find the fault with me.) Since I have this problem, I did not install version 5.8.2 (or I uninstalled it again and am back to 5.8.1), because the problem often means that I have to cancel printing. And if the cancelation doesn't work with 5.8.2 (with my printer), I couldn't use it. Roland
  4. You see, Greg. It's even harder for me to communicate with you and perhaps, from time to time my words are harder than I wanted. But we can also do it in German. But also understand that I'm really not satisfied. With version 5.8.0 there was the possibility that the filaments are no longer pulled back that far. That was very good. At the same time, however, a basic function no longer worked. Namely the unloading of filaments. So how I should change the print core or replace a filament if I've wanted to insert a different color? Waiting for 2h every time? Why was this not foun
  5. Hi Greg I feel like I'm in the wrong movie right now. Where did I use personal names? About yours? You wrote back to me in a public forum - signed with your name. And when I know the name, I also mention the name because I am respecably. Am I schizophrenic or have I misunderstood your statement that I shouldn't use personal names? I don't think so. And what's unprofessional here? I have proposed a solution for you: Stand up and say: Yes, our performance is currently not optimal and we have made too many mistakes. No, you don't do that: you just gushing about yours
  6. Hi Greg, I don't tell the supporters as hobbyists, but the firmware team and this is not an afront to this guys but the really truth. It couldn't be, that every firmware get a half step forward and several steps back. Not for a machine with this price. Every China hobby machine works proper than the actual S5 I think. And if I read in every firmware thread where a lot of problems where put in that the "Team Ultimaker" says that there will make a big effort for each new firmware for testing: Sorry, this is ridiculous. In every new firmware 1000 things doesn't work which worked be
  7. Furthermore, I can no longer unload any material. The button is not active via the material itself and the wizard in the printcore menu starts via the print core (s), but stops and does nothing even after 30 minutes.
  8. Is there any support (even one that has to be paid for). I haven't been able to work productively for 2 weeks. And about the "normal" support I have to specify everything 10 times.
  9. Great!!! It appears that canceling a print no longer works properly. It's now necessary to disconnect the printer from the power and restart so that the "cancellation" works. And it's necessary to have to cancel because the use of the Original BreakAway has not worked properly since 2 weeks. In a nutshell: CHF 11,500 thrown in the bucket. Or: The Ultimaker "engineers" (or rather hobbyists) should really start to feel ashamed. But probably everyone of the Ultimaker Team in this forum will say again that they never - never!!! - make a mistake and are
  10. Hi @SandervG I print only directly to printer via network. No USB, nothing.
  11. Hi @SandervG No, it was created directly through CURA without any additional setting. After I've unloaded the material completly and load it again and REprint it through the Digital Factory it works and all was showing. Roland
  12. What does that mean if I have installed 5.8.1, the display at the material station says that I have Generic PLA in 1 and Ultimaker Breakaway in slot 2 and then such a message is displayed? By the way: the print from a 4 day old print core with the original Ultimaker BreakAway is no longer cleaned. Every 2nd time spaghetti, it no longer adheres properly or it just indicates that it is "unknown" material. Roland
  13. Other problem: I have in PC1 Generic PLA or Extrudr GreenTec Pro. In PC2 Original UM BreakAway. If I want to print with both PCs (also PLA and BA), after the initialization the material in PC1 is taken until the PC. The material in PC2 (UM BreakAway) is in position 5cm above the PC. All things where made (nivelling, etc.). Then the print start with PC1. After the first layer, the PC will be changed to PC2, the material in the bowden tube 2 is bring to PC2 and immediatly, the prints with PC2 starts. Question: Why this is like it is? Before 5.8.0,
  14. It's quite weird. Until now, I've always had problems like this. But the 5.8 version seems to work fine for me. Exception: I still have connection interruptions (Ethernet) in both CURA and DF. And when you switch, a lot of material is still wasted. But it must be like that. Roli
  15. Hi With the newest Firmware version I have the same issue like before. A lot of connection interupts. My S5 (Pro Bundle) is connected through an internal and proper 1Gb/s network. But often, there is no connection. Normaly, this interupts takes about 10-20 seconds. But also I have interupts for hours and longer. And as I say: It's from the WebPage UM Digital Factory and from the CURA (4.6.1) Thanks for reply Roland
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