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  1. Hi, I'm pretty sure that the issue with my S5 is, that the Z movement meets excessive friction. This morning I lubricated the two rear Z rails thoroughly, and afterwards the nozzle offset probe succeeded. I still need to try out this solution more than once, but so far it seems to work. Best Regards, Flemming Lassen Nielsen
  2. Hi Torgeir, I have never noticed the sound until now. The 3D Printer is placed away from my office, and every print job is initiated remotely. This means that I'm not close to the Printer as it starts the print. For me, it sounds more like a mechanical squeezing, like if some of the rails aren't straight. During the latest nozzle offset check failure, the print bed seem to be unable to reach the desired position, rather than a stall, due to the stepper motor being unable to slow down timely. I think that you are right, that the issue is a kind of mechanical obstacle. I might need to contact the vendor, to discuss a repair. Thank you for helping on the issue. Best Regards, Flemming Lassen Nielsen
  3. Hi all, I have investigated further on my issue, and it seems that the build plate can't move easily all the way. I was watching the nozzle offset check, and I heard that there was a squeaking, as the nozzle offset check failed. I have recorded a short video of the build plate going from bottom position to top position, and it can easily be heard that something is squeaking at the top and bottom position. Please see attached file. I have ensured that all moving parts have been lubricated, due to recommended maintenance plans. Best Regards, Flemming Lassen Nielsen. Squeak.zip
  4. Hi Torgeir, Thanks for the tip. My cores have worked for 61 and 56 days (1464 and 1344 hours). If the nozzle switch calibration doesn't seem to fix the problem, I think that it's time to exchange the nozzles. Best Regards, Flemming.
  5. Hi Torgeir, Thank you for your suggestions. I have chosen to calibrate the core switch. I hope that this will help. I must admit that especially core 1 has printed A LOT of models. How many working hours should I expect from these cores? Best Regards, Flemming Lassen Nielsen
  6. Hi Community, My Ultimaker S5 often shows the attached error message when starting a print job. When restarting a print job, the printer works fine. How do I prevent this message from appearing? Best Regards, Flemming Lassen Nielsen
  7. Hi everyone, Thank you for your support. With the help provided, I'm able to move on. Best Regards, Flemming Lassen Nielsen
  8. Hi rcfocus and Torgeir, Thanks a lot! Regarding Github, I don't really get it. Should I be able to download a 3D printable file? What I found was a large text file with the name: 2116-H.STEP Should I register, to download? Best Regards, Flemming Lassen Nielsen
  9. Hi rcfocus, Thank you for the 3D drawing. Great to have access to this level of detail on your 3D Printer. Where did you get this? I would really like to have access to the same on my UM S5, including parts lists. This will enable me to make (almost) any repair on the machine. Do you know how to get in contact with the support team at Ultimaker? Best Regards, Flemming Lassen Nielsen
  10. Hi rcfocus, Thank you for your reply. I think that you are right. It seems that the ring supporting the spring is missing. I might be able to replace this component myself. How do I get hold of such a component? Best Regards, Flemming Lassen Nielsen
  11. Hi Forum, My UM S5 can no longer print with Print Core 2. First I tried to clean the nozzle, but it turned out that a spring prevented the Print Core from being placed correctly inside the Print Head. Please see attached photos. I tried to place the Print Core, using a tweezers to push up the spring, while inserting the Print Core. But still the Print Core cannot print. I also tried with a new Print Core, but still no printing. I guess that the new Print Core isn't clogged, so that cannot be the issue. Does anyone know about this spring? Is something broken, or will I be able to push the spring back in the correct position? Does the spring failure have any relation to the non-working Print Core? Any help is highly appreciated. Flemming Lassen Nielsen
  12. Hi again, I investigated the Print Head once again, and I found that the small metal sheet at the bottom was bent. You might be able to see it on my last picture. I took it out, made it flat, and assembled the Print Head with Print Cores. After this, I was able to start a print, including the Active Leveling. I guess that I accidentally had bent the metal sheet during removal of the defective Print Core. Since a lot of printing material was melted around the Print Nozzle, some material did also stick to the metal sheet. So the problem is now solved. How do I mark the post "Solved"?
  13. Hi Community, I am using the Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle, which had worked fine since delivery (2 months). But this morning, the over night print job was ruined due to a melt down on Print Core AA! Please see pictures attached. I replaced the defective Print Core with a spare Print Core. During startup of the first print job after Print Core AA replacement, an error ocurred, telling that Active Leveling could not be performed. This happened twice. I investigated the Print Head, but could not find any anormalities. But somehow it seems that the Print Head has been misaligned by the defective Print Core. I took a picture of the empty Print Head. Please see attached. Can anyone help me on this issue? Best Regards.
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