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  1. I have a couple of spools of UM ABS, and the only real reason for looking for something else is cost. The Ultimaker premium for ABS is pretty high; but having to re-spool rolls of cheaper ABS has a cost too.
  2. Can anybody recommend a high-quality ABS with spools that fit in the Material Station. The Matterhackers PRO spools are a bit too wide. They fit if you sort of jam them in, but they don't turn freely. They sort of work while unspooling, but it's a mess when they need to roll the filament back up. I've had good luck with IC3D ABS over the years, but their spools are too big also. Ultimaker spools are guaranteed to fit of course.
  3. 1. The ability to create our own profiles for the Material Station. I have some MatterHackers Pro nylon that prints great but hangs up when the material is pulled out of the print core at the end of the print. I think all that is wrong is that the core needs to be at a higher temperature. It would be nice to be able to fix this myself. 2. The ability to disable one of the one of the "inputs" from the Material Station and feed that core directly from a spool on back of the printer. So core #1 would get fed from the Material Station and core #2 would get fed from a roll on the back
  4. What is it about the finish on NylonX that you don't like? NylonX has a textured finish and the layer lines basically disappear. I love the finish on NylonX parts. Make sure your material is really, really dry.
  5. When my S5 finishes doing a prime blob, the bed starts to rise before the print head gets out of the way. The prime blob gets squished against the bottom of the print head and dragged to some random, undesirable place. I'm using a prime blob because I'm also using a powder-coated PEI plate, and single layer skirts are a pain. It started doing this recently, but I don't remember when. My S5 is running firmware version 6.2. Someone else had this same problem with UM3 several years ago. <UM3 knocking down prime blob before printing>
  6. "Improved UI for (non-NFC) materialsWe’re also really excited about the updates we’re making to the ‘Choose Material Type’ menus on your Ultimaker. Previously, you could only choose from material types. With firmware 6.1 you will be able to choose materials by brand, type and color; just like in Ultimaker Cura. This applies to Ultimaker materials, Marketplace materials and other third-party materials you may have created in Ultimaker Cura. " Thank You!
  7. Which spare parts for the 3/S3/S5 printers do people typically keep on hand? I'm not talking about things like build plates or print cores, but things like fans and other little odds and ends that can fail. I have to replace the axial (hot end) fan on my S5, so of course the printer is down until the new fan shows up later this week.
  8. I'm going to answer my own question about the NFC improvements and the Material Station. Prior to 5.8.2, getting the Material Station to read NFC codes was a real pain. It could take 8-10 tries to get it to work and it seldom worked the first time. I did a lot of loading and unloading with some filaments that were in the 8-10-try category this evening to test the improvements, and even added a filament the station hadn't seen before. Everything worked the first time.
  9. Has anyone tried out the Material Station NFC improvements yet?
  10. I've seen this. It seems to be more of a problem with PLA than anything else. I mentioned this behavior in the Ultimaker group on Facebook. I have an S5 with an air manager, and one suggestion is that the air manager is creating a draft as it pulls are into the printer. Maybe, maybe not. I'm beginning to think that it is a problem with Cura, but I just don't know.
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