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  1. I too would need this feature. Is there any way to locally change the acceleration and jerk settings ? I have an embossed font where I need the ghosting removed, which however has no significance on the rest of the model.
  2. PS: In case anyone is interested, here's a pic of what I am trying to produce:
  3. Hey guys, thanks a bunch, the ctrl+click methods appears to enable me to reselect all parts individually. Thats what she said ^^ I belive this answers all my questions since these settings are hardcoded but I now can reopen my projects. Cheers
  4. Oh, a bug it is ? Ive attached the .3mf in question. But I am uncertain how much that will help since this issue occurs with any and every project Ive tried to save. nautilus_beyma_15H_loop_L_front_rein.3mf
  5. If I save/export my project as a .3mf and open it at a later time with cura, I do not have my stl object with all the zones with different infill settings. What I have instead is a concatenated single object with the localized zones being part of it. Ive attached an image of the reopened project and what I mean. For example, for the top tilted rectangle I cannot change the number of layers if a change there is necessary. The button on the left is greyed out completely, and a geometric adjustment is also not possible, since the object is geometrically fused.
  6. Thank you for your quick reply. Is there any way around this limitation ? By means of a plugin or similar ? Or is there a way at least to save the project in such a way that it can be reopened with all funcitonality ? Because the way it is now is that when I reopen a project with all the local changes, it appears hardcoded. I cannot change the geometry nor the settings of the individual regions with different infill settings.
  7. Greetings dear builders, I would like to change the default settings for the overlaps in Cura. Currently, whenever I select the overlap settings for infill only, I get wall thickness, wall line count and top/bottom thickness. However, I work with big models and heavily rely on local changes in the print settings. So I would like a set of parameters and their values to pop up as default other than what is there now. Can I change these with a config and how ? Cheers from Switzerland
  8. Thank you for your suggestions. I tried them now but it is not exactly what I need: When I change the settings for the overlap between my support blocker and the model and I change the number of walls to n, it does not change the total number of walls to n. Instead, it adds n walls to the models existing number of walls. This is unsatisfactory as I am trying to fill overhanging regions and also trying to get the latter nice and smooth by making the outer walls adhere to the inner walls while relying a miniumum on the support structures to prevent a melted look. What I am looking
  9. I would like to request a feature or plugin allowing me to set a variable amount of walls for my print. I have, within the same object, starkly overhanging regions where additional walls are required to close the surface. However, I also have fairly vertical features wherein no more than 2 walls would be necessary. Is there any simple way to achieve this with the present versions of cura `? Cheers
  10. Update: the littles tongues are drips from when the nozzle finishes the outer layer and proceeds to start the infill. I can't believe I discover this now that it had driven me crazy enought to made a post. I am currently experimenting with zhop height, retraction and priming as well as printing the infill first to solve all remaining problems.
  11. Update: I finally discovered that the blobs appear to be drips being applied to the outer shell when the nozzle travels from the end of one layer to the start of a new one.
  12. Greetings from Switzerland, I am using a Modix 120X large scale printer with an E3D supervolcano and a 1mm nozzle to produce a prototype using cura 4.7.1. I have been tweaking the setting for a couple of weeks to get acceptable results with sufficient printing speeds (currently ~120g/h). However, the hopefully last remaining problems remain a mystery to me. To summarize them: -irregular blobs on the inside of my object -slight blobs, like tongues at the front layers -irregular extrusion at the beginning of a new layer, as if there were bubbles in my hotend -afte
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