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  1. I have try it. They dont change the unit. Only try to repair it what they cant do. Thats why i get this used MS. It was they's demo unit. Well it was ok to me because i thought that it is working one.
  2. 1. No. My 5s + MS was again in maintaince, i do have allsorts of problems with this machine, and there they update it to 6.2.1. it was over month ago. 23.3.2021 i got it back. all works "normal", Not working printer normal but "my UM S5 normal". More of this later. This all this started to happen after i update cura to 4.9.0 and 4.9.1. I did update S5 firmware to 6.3.0 few weeks ago, cant remember the day, but it didnt help. 2. I have duplicate the "skipped print" in DF and it prints second one normally. So the G-code is there. And it prints like it should. print is flaweles. All that i
  3. Hi. Im not sure is this right place to this bug or have anyone reported this yet. I really dont know what causes this. After i update Cura to 4.9.0 i have this "bug" that skips prints in que. Not sure if it is Cura bug or DF bug or printer firmware bug. Printer start new job, loads the G-code, then start it's "start routine", load materia, levels the bed, ect. like it would and then just stops, lower bed and start next job in que. No "confirm to remove" or no error or anything. In DF it says that print finished and it shows print time like normal, "Finished 3d 11h 02min" even
  4. Ultimaker materia. Empty spool on tray. Yes Left side. Just like allways in 5.8.2 and it have worked but not anymore. I did try same on next print and then there was no spool and same.
  5. So nothing?? Ok... Quess this is normal then. Nice feature.
  6. 6.1.1 firmware. S5 pro bundle. Why i cant load new material in material station when print is going? It do load it in the hole but MS dont "see" it have loaded. it just wait in loading screen.
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