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  1. Thank you all for your input. Would you kindly suggest which brands should I consider when buying filaments? I am thinking of PLA and ABS.
  2. I am interested to hear about the problem as well.
  3. By filament dryer I mean something like Dryer Pro by PrintDry. The material station is a huge overkill for me at the moment. For the time being, I have no prerequisites. I want to get familiar with the most commonly used materials, print silly as well as tricky things, see how the printer behaves, learn it, learn the materials etc. It's a hobby, not a business. Hence, any recommendations for accessories and materials to buy first? Once again, thank you all very much for any advice.
  4. Good day, my fellow 3D geeks! I am a new member of 3D printing world and I am yet to print my first 3D model ever. I am waiting for my Ultimaker S5 to be delivered soon. I was given a gift card by the shop that sold me the printer so I have a bit of cash to spend. What materials and accessories should I get? I am not looking to do anything fancy in the first say... 6 months as I want to get used to the printer and learn its particulars first. Is the filament dryer worth getting? I have a humidifier in my apartment, so the humidity level is always between 35-40%. That you all very much in
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