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  1. Hi Thanks for all these advices. I actually looked at the Ultimaker s5 ingenering profile, and in there, the "Enable Jerk Control" is activated. Also, the speeds are not unified . I printed a clearance test using this profile on the UM3, and the result seems not better than the settings given in this post.
  2. Hi everyone I have a UM3 with dual extrusion PLA/Breakaway When the 2nd extruder ( breakaway ) is choosen as the source of generating support, extra support and a kind of raft is automatically created. I haven't found explanation of this phenomenon, and how to disable it. I makes my pieces really hard to remove, and does not improve anything. Do you have an ideas why it is created and how to diable it ?
  3. Hi I would like to re- open a know topic about the X-Y precision from ultimaker, and the way to improve it. I know that this question was already open before, but the way they ended do not satisfied me, and I really would to start an new topic, abording the subject in an other way. I already printed with my UM3, this piece multiple time ( same material, same position, same settings ) ( https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:195604 ) that is exactly 100mm on both X et Y axis As a result, always the same result : X : 100,30 Y : 100,01 Accord
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