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  1. Thanks Greg, that is a limitation. In an ideal world, it should be like cake icing just comes out of nozzle, deposits on build plate and solidifies 🙂 For my requirement, layer and bed adhesion should be minimum so I can easily separate layers. Getting the path right and smooth extrusion is more important. Printing stacked layers gives me more layers and hence more prints per cycle as compared to side-by-side. Well I guess I will have to experiment when I get my printer with different temperatures and materials. I believe some combination should work. When people can
  2. Greg, I am not locked in on dimensions at this stage, probably to start with will take 0.8 nozel and layer height 0.8 as well. The x and y axix can vary depending on the content. Once successful will narrow down to smaller sizes. Thanks!
  3. Thanks Nallath, that is very close to what I am looking for. All I need to do now is to figure out z axis. Should be able to test out when I get my printer.
  4. Hi, I am new to 3d printing and in the process of purchasing s5, will take a month or so. In the interim I am exploring my options to ensure what I am trying to achieve is possible in Cura. This might sound unusual, but I want to print single layer of artwork and want to make sure that the layer path is not line by line in x or y axis, but continuous line path defined by shape I want to print. See photo. Once that is achieved, I will stack multiple layers of the same in z axis. Want to make the whole process automated. So once set, it should print the whole stack. Once p
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