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  1. the print core AA0.4 was stuck with material and I couldn't print anything and did not know how to fix the issue. Thanks for the post, I followed what is written in the post and got the issue resolved. 1) unloaded the wire. 2) went to print core AA menu 3) selected 3 dots on the top right corner 4) set temperature to 250C 5) waited for a minute 6) now loaded back the wire, and 7) the stuck wire came out just like that. Thanks to @gr5
  2. @SandervG, @Smithy, @Travis7s, @gr5 Hi unable to locate the Tough PLA Grey in my Cura software, could you please help me on this
  3. @Carbon, i did open the link, but how to get that things into the cura software on my computer.
  4. Hi All, I have UltimakerS5. did purchase a new ultimaker tough PLA Light grey spool. when opened the CURA i could not choose the light grey colour for printing as there is no such option. could someone please help me on this refer below pic of the cura
  5. print surface has small holes, is there any product that could be used to fill these holes? ( like on wallboard or any wall we fill putty, like on any sheetmetal work of automobile during manufacturing we fill silica sealant to seal the gaps/holes and make the parts surfaces look better) do we have any such product in 3D printing, to fill the holes and make the print look better. we used LA blue for printing.
  6. sure smithy will take care in future, and thank you for the response actually this Monday (Today) we have sales people coming from all over the world, they come to visit the plant yearly once, and during their visit they also visit our prototype building shop wherein they would see me printing some 3D prints. that's the reason I was rushing to get answers from Ultimaker experts in last week. I just wanted everything to function normal during their visit. and hopefully it does happen Thanks
  7. @UlrichC-DE could you please look into this post
  8. also changed the Print head, but no change
  9. Someone please help me, so far I have lost atleast 11 3D prints and a big waste of time. material 1 feeding stops and the print head runs without any material, and thus the print is incomplete. the reason is shown in attached picture, the tube comes out or material flow stops,...... so far I have taken different steps to solve this 1. initially there was Tough PLA Black when this problem first seen, thought tough black has some problem, so changed to PLA blue. but on the new print also , the same problem occurred 2. checked outer tube end portion, thought may be a bit worn out, so I did cut that portion. but problem still continued 3. did reset on factory settings of the machine, but problem still continued 4. did calibration of build plate/glass, but problem still continued 5. continually monitored material flow right from easy of spool rotation, to print head, everything seems normal but still the material feeding stops as the tube comes out as shown in picture. the only thing happened since yesterday is now the feeding stops every 5 mins and things have got more worsen. Not sure what to do. Request your sincere guidance on this issue please @Smithy, @GregValiant, @SandervG, @gr5, @Philler, @RogueWave
  10. got you @Smithy and @GregValiant Thank you very much for your feedback
  11. HI All, I gave a 3D print on Ultimaker S5, kindly refer below pic wherein you will see that cura did not pick any supporting material, it is printing on PLA blue only. I was just wondering how to take this print out of the glass. so far, on other prints there was initial layers of PVA natural supporting material, once the 3D print is done, I would immerse the print along with glass into the water and after few hours the parts comes out easily. but in this scenario where there is no supporting material, and main PLA blue material is sticked to the glass, now I do not know how to take the part out of the glass. request some guidance on this @Smithy @SandervG @jbrownlee @GregValiant @gr5
  12. Even I have this problem all the time. right now just trying to store the PVA in its original packing when not in use and trying to heat it up before start of the print. but as the print are 22 to 30 hours long duration, the PVA start behaving bad after 5 to 6 hours and then it keep on destroying the print
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