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  1. We have 4 S5 Pro Bundles, 2 exhibit these same symptoms only after upgrading to 8.x firmware No amount of back and forth with Ultimaker has resolved it. They said downgrade to v7 as an option
  2. you can see in the response headers that the api is in GMT timezone Probably best to account for this in your scripts etc and convert it to local time on your end { "connection": "keep-alive", "content-length": "1856", "content-type": "application/json", "date": "Mon, 01 Apr 2024 23:19:04 GMT", "server": "nginx/1.14.2" }
  3. I'm using Grafana to log data from the local API, best suited to v7 firmware. I can then graph and alert on errors, supply levels, hours remaining on filters etc
  4. We trialed the FormFutura BVOH which worked really well, but have gone with the Ultimaker Breakaway support as a good tradeoff to cut down the time and mess of the soluble support.
  5. yep understand all that, perhaps I should use the material empty flag on the api as the trigger for my alert email. The printers will sit there for days until someone tells us that it is out of material, if thats mid print it can be an issue. I have a dashboard that shows us the amount remaining on all the slots across the fleet of printers, but without an accurate measure on the tag, its not very reliable.
  6. The material remaining on the spool tag is only read for display purposes then I guess. If there is an end of roll sensor in the material station, the remaining field on the tag could be whatever you like, its only going to affect the display bar. As it is now I have a printer which when queried via the api is showing remaining amount of 0 yet is happily printing away. I guess the empty flag gets set when the end sensor is tripped. { "slot_index": 2, "material_guid": "44a029e6-e31b-4c9e-a12f-9282e29a92ff", "direction": 0, "material_selection_source": "RFID", "material_insertion_datetime": "2024-03-25T00:41:23", "status": "loaded", "material_empty": 0, "material_remaining": 0, "material_remaining_mm": 0 }, Kind of makes it hard to try and report when machines are empty.
  7. thanks, I've taken some readings and found below. New full spool - NFC reads 750000 New full spool - scale weight 1019g Empty spool - scale weight - 229g That leaves 790g of material, yet the tag is programmed with 750g of material. Is this an extra 40g that can't be printed because of the length to feed up the bowden tubes? I'll measure a few more semi-used spools and compare scale weights to nfc readings and see if there if the 40g difference is consistent. On more than one occurrence, we have had the printers say material is empty, when there looks to be quire a few loops of the spool left.
  8. I had no end of trouble with PVA material and how it goes so brittle even with the material station. Ended up using some 3rd party BVOH material for disolvable support which was so much better.
  9. I'm using an Elatec TWN4, and it works with the Director software it comes with. I can read the tags to some degree, just not sure of which pages etc to look at for the material remaining. Was hoping the SpoolMaker program would make it a lot easier. I am reporting on how much material is remaining in our Material Stations to save treking around campus all the time for replacement material. I have found that the amount remaining is not very accurate so would like to weigh it, update it and see if if the values drift.
  10. I'm getting the error below, any workaround? Have Cura 5.6 and 5.0 installed Edit: Have tried manually starting the few 'Smart Card' windows services without any resolution
  11. We have been running BVOH after a rather large investment and failure of the Ultimaker PVA. I was able to print with the generic PVA profile without too much hassle, until we were able to load in the specific settings from the material manufacturer. Yes you will need a BB print head for soluble material. We have now been testing the Ultimaker Breakaway support which has been performing very well, as we have students printing for school work, having them to deal with water and the time taken to dissolve the supports was not really feasible.
  12. Are there any plans in the works to bring in some form of slicing to the Digital Factory system? As a Google Reference School, we have 1:1 Chromebooks for staff and students. We currently use 3DPrinterOS to do all the slicing, job management, print costing etc, but would be great to be able to keep this in the one banner as we can't use Cura on a Chromebook. Thanks
  13. Hi Dustin, Can you detail what subscription level is required for the cloud api access? Does it have to be the top level subscription, or is there some access still on free tiers or is any api access behind a paywall? Thanks Scott
  14. Since the change between v7 & 8 of firmware for the Ultimaker S Series, as we know we lost a lot of features. Currently on v8 there seems to be no way to tell if the printers require maintenance remotely. In version 7, I was using the local API to generate a notice on our dashboard, but since v8 this is no longer functional. As a public school we do not have $18,000 AUD per year to be able to utilise the cloud api so as of now it is a manual check of Digital Factory or a manual calendar alert on our desktops to check for maintenance every month. Can there be some form of remote notification built into a new firmware release? There is no standard installation type and having printers spread out over multiple building and campuses, checking the control panel isn't feasible. Please don't tell me you are going to lock all the api access behind the Excellence tier, as this is totally cost prohibitive.
  15. thanks, will hold out for a fix via the panel. Appreciate the reply
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