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Main links for Marlin

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Posted · Main links for Marlin

In this thread there should also be a mention of Daid's Build-Me-Marlin:



From Daid:

A tool to help you build every type of Marlin you want. Packed up in

an easy installable way. The zip version comes with "avrdude" and a

batch file for windows. You don't need anything else to install the


It's building my own branch of Marlin,


which is up to date with the ErikZalm version, with a few build fixes

I encountered. It caches build, so if you choose the same options it's

instant ready for download.

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Posted · Main links for Marlin

A new, tested and stable (?) version of the Ultimaker's firmware is available since yesterday. I have it on my machine since yesterday evening so I honestly have no personal experiences with it yet...

Easiest way to update your firmware to this firmware is to open RepG (any will version will do) and update the firmware from the list in the dialog box. If you don't know how to do that, have a look at the wiki. It's not difficult although it may sound like it!

Also please feel free to download RepG's latest version for Ultimaker from software.ultimaker.com. The Ultimaker team put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into making this version of RepG and the firmware more stable and add functionality to it.

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Posted · Main links for Marlin

I have been unable to get Marlin firmware of any colour to upload successfully to my brand new Ultimaker. I have read in the software setup guide you need to upgrade Ultimaker firmware via something earlier than RepG 034 first and have followed this path but I can't get any firmware to be recognised on RepG later than version 025 and the only firmware 025 will handle is Build 1 (Old 5D release) and I have tried this on Linux, Mac and Windows 7. Can someone point me in the right direction? Maybe I have to compile rather than just select pre-compiled firmware from the upload firmware function in RepG? I am desperate to start using Marlin and get better quality prints as soon as I can. Many thanks in advance.

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Posted · Main links for Marlin

OK, for someone with the same problem, here's how I got working with RepG 035 on Marlin release candidate 2.

1. run RepG 026 or earlier. Upgrade firmware selecting board Ultimaker - Arduino Mega Sheild v1.5x (Mega 2560 only) and then selecting firmware Build 1 (OLD 5D release).

2. Now successively upgrade firmware to Marlin rel. cand. 1 first then to 2.

3. run RepG 034 and the firmware and RegG will co-operate.

I did try Cura and it did update firmware to Marlin, but the version loaded would not allow Cura to communicate with the printer without I/O errors *and* it was also failing with the same I/O errors in RegG 034.

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Posted · Main links for Marlin

Why is this pinned? This is pretty old. The UM Original and UM2 have different versions of Marlin now.

For UM Original the easiest place to get the bleeding edge Marlin - well it's a month old maybe but it has been tested on UM Original and is much more recent than the version that comes from Ultimaker:


This replaces Daid's marlin builder but it was written by someone in the community - not a UM employee.

The source code for the UM Original and for the above link is from here:


Although Bernhard K seems to be the main person contributing right now? Anyway ErikZ is basically the primary source from and for the reprap community.

The UM2 Marlin source code is in this repository:



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