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Default UM2 Go rear fan behaviour


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Posted · Default UM2 Go rear fan behaviour

I have three UM2 Go machines and each of them operates the

rear extruder fan differently:

- one is always on (came with FW 15.02, now FW Github, around 19.5.)

- one is only on if T>40°C (came with FW 15.04Go)

- one is always off

I assume that the latter "always off" is just indeed another HW issue,

so let's skip this one...

What of the above should happen?

Were there last minute HW changes or is this just the usual bad luck

wired wrong or pin defect error?

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    Posted · Default UM2 Go rear fan behaviour

    The UM2go's have a new circuit board that allows the fan to be controlled. eg on and off. As older printers didn't have this option it wasn't included in the firmware.

    So FW 15.02 didn't have this option so the fan turns on as soon as the printer is switched on.

    the feature was included in the new firmware 15.04go so that's why you see one turn on at 40deg.

    the 3rd printer may have an issue. upgrade all printers to the new firmware and see if it resolves the issue of with the one not going. If it still doesn't work then check the wiring. You need this to work or you will end up having feeding issues and it will shorten the life of the PTFE coupler.

    Make sure the solder joints on the fan are still connected, then make sure the plug is connected properly with no loose pins. If all ok the check the main board under the machine to see if it has a loose wire or broken solder joint.

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    Posted · Default UM2 Go rear fan behaviour

    Nope, my Ultimaker 2 Go machines have different PCB revisions, 2.1.1 and 2.1.4.

    With 2.1.1 electronics, the fan is always on.

    Are the schematics available?

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