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Weird lines sticking out in Cura that also appear on the print

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Wow. Pretty strange. I have a lot to say about this. Well first practical advice:

1) Look at the part in "xray view" (as opposed to slice view or normal view). If there are any red areas then those could be the problem - try to fix in cad settings or play with the "fix horrible" settings.

2) Try the latest slicer that came out a few days ago. It's a completely new rewrite. If this is a bug in cura you have to first verify that the bug exists in the latest cura before the programmer will look at it for you.

Now for theories...

1) Make sure all the "fix horrible" boxes are unchecked - they can do weird things.

2) it looks like these lines that stick out start at the right edge of the finger and end where the part goes in more. I'm not sure what the distance is that the hand shape comes "out" but...

Some models - particularly "sculpted" models - animals, people, gnomes have way too many polygons that are smaller than the nozzle diameter so Cura has a feature where it discards a few of the "lines". Let me back up to do a slice cura intersects a horizontal plane with all the triangles in the STL file. Those triangles are unordered so Cura has to figure out which go with which after it does the slice - it takes all those lines and tries to connect them. During this step some of the lines are too short and it gets rid of them - I'm thinking this step needs to get rid of fewer lines - it would explain what you see if is was doing counter clockwise pass on those "bad" layers.

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