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Easiest way to turn on/off my laser for G0 moves then turn it back on for G1 draws using Cura???

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I am using code to turn my laser on and off but need a way to get Cura to insert the code at the appropriate times.

I have been hand editing the g-code and inserting the code by hand which is getting tedious!

Each time I want the laser to turn off I put this code in:

G4 P0050 ; Pauses for 50 ms. This makes sure that the last move command executes before the laser turns off.

M104 S0 T2 ; Sets the #3 extruder heater output to off.

G0 Xnnn Ynnn ; General command for a non-printing move.

Each time I want the laser back on:

G4 P0050 ; pause

M104 S50 T2 ; Sets temp above threashold so it activates Laser to turn on.

G4 P0500 ; pauses a short 50ms so Laser can get fully turned on




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You could use a plugin in Cura, don't know if this worked, but an intern tried this a year ago:

other option is to use regular expressions in a better text editor:


G0 (.*)



G0 /1

[btw, i am not a programmer, but i really like google and copy/paste...]

cheers \ joris

#Name: Powder Printing

#Info: Switch off fan power during travel moves

#Help: PowderPrinting

#Depend: GCode

#Type: postprocess

#Param: fanpowermin(int:) Fan Power Min(0-255)

#Param: fanpowermax(int:) Fan Power Max(0-255)

## Written by Tom Kerckhaert, based on TweakAtZ by Steven Morlock

## Special Thanks to Joris van Tubergen

## This script is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution - Share Alike (CC BY-SA) terms

# Uses - Switch off fan power during travel moves


# Get rid of the unnecessary fan on / off between two G moves

# Fan power variables do not work yet

import re

def getValue(line, key, default = None):

if not key in line or (';' in line and line.find(key) > line.find(';')):

return default

subPart = line[line.find(key) + 1:]

m = re.search('^[0-9]+\.?[0-9]*', subPart)

if m == None:

return default


return float(m.group(0))


return default

with open(filename, "r") as f:

lines = f.readlines()

with open(filename, "w") as f:

for line in lines:

if getValue(line, 'G', None) == 0:

f.write("; Powder Plugin\n")

f.write("M106 S0\n")


f.write("M106 S255\n")

f.write("; Plugin: End\n")


if getValue(line, 'G', None) == 1:

x = getValue(line, 'X', dx)

y = getValue(line, 'Y', dy)

z = getValue(line, 'Z', dz)

e = getValue(line, 'E', e)

f = getValue(line, 'F', f)

line = 'G1 '

if dx != x:

line += 'X%f ' % x

if dy != y:

line += 'Y%f ' % y

if dz != z:

line += 'Z%f ' % z

if df != f:

line += 'F%f ' % f

line += '\n'


# if comment is the extruder movements before and after the print, remove that line


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Yes, what Joris said. Write a plugin. It will be awesome. And please share it! Note also that the newest versions of Cura (15.06.* and newer) have a totally different way of doing plugins and I don't know if anyone knows how to do that yet so I would go for the older version e.g. 15.04 and I'm sure all the work you did for the plugin will still be useful - I suspect converting plugins from 15.04 to 15.06 will be pretty simple once someone documents the process.

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