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Rather, annoyed.


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Posted (edited) · Rather, annoyed.

From day 1 my UM2 didn't seem, right, I have had ALOT of help form fellow forum members on my old account and direct support but it just riddled with problems e.g. the filament motor unit housing was completely undone (either in shipping or construction). Recently my printer, just died, outright, the motors made a horrible grinding sound and just stopped, from this point on I had given up on my UM and just took it as a fatly unit.

Even when I did manage to get it working the printer would normally stop halfway though or produce prints with quality similar to a €400 printer from maplins. I'd spend more time getting the printer to work than printing, and after each print I'd have to fix it.

But seeing recent videos on the UM2 such as the brand new video from LTT, just really annoyed me that my printer was utterly use less.

Basically my question:

Was mine just a faulty unit and your UMs are fine and I should invest in the new extended?


Looks like even the printer LLT got sent by Ultimaker has tonnes of problems, I'm seeing a recurring theme.

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    Posted · Rather, annoyed.

    I currently have 2 UM printers. A UM2 and UM2go.

    My UM2 came a printed perfect from day 1. I had an under extrusion issue on one print after about 1 week so i printed Roberts feeder and its printed fine ever since. any other issues were due to my settings or fancy filaments.

    My UM2go came and had a printing issue but was replaced. I received a replacement today and it seems to be printing great.

    As the printers have a lot of mechanical components, they require regular maintenance. I don't think Ultimaker express this well enough. Screws can come loose and sometimes its good to give them a once over to make sure they are all tight. Things like the shafts require light oil etc..

    Yes they can arrive with a few loose screws but that's why a good check over can help make sure it will run right.

    It depends on whether the problems you have are due to mechanical, electrical or settings issues. you may have a faulty printer as parts may fail or you maybe able to realign, tighten, oil etc to get it to run well. Or possibly you have a few print setting off ( but it doesn't sound this way)

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    Posted · Rather, annoyed.

    Hi @marshall433,

    What video's are you referring to with LTT/LLT?

    Whatever it is that is causing your printer to stop/fail, I am sure we can isolate the problem and get you back to 3D printing. Regardless of an potential new Ultimaker 2 Extended, you should get your Ultimaker 2 back in shape too.

    Could you share with us some pictures of what your failed prints look like?

    What is your current situation with the motors? Does it still go on, or is their a problem with the electronics?

    Looking forward hearing from you, so we can move towards a solution!

    @Labern, great to hear it looks like your Ultimaker 2 Go is working great! Keep me updated :)

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    Posted · Rather, annoyed.

    I'm a relatively new member to the Ultimaker product line, and have an Ultimaker 2 Extended--after 2 months of successful printing--I recently ran into a spot of trouble with nozzle clogs, feeder issues, under extrusion, etc... and the community, local support in the US by Dynamism and FBRC8 have been downright awesome with my printing troubles, and I'm back up and printing :)

    I think my issues were from just using the printer a lot--it's bound to need replacement parts/maintenance/etc...

    It's a bummer not to be printing--but post the issues with photos or a detailed description to the troubleshooting section and the helpful community members will get you back up and running with their awesome advice :)

    Also check for local support experts in your country--Dynamism and FBRC8 in the US are super helpful :)

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