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best way to find new links to migrated posts?

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I am having trouble finding this post in the new forum. Neither the built in search or google seems to be able find it here. I am able to see a mention of the thread by the author in another thread, but that is all.


is what I'm looking for.

If anyone can shed some light on this or let me know if there is a better method of finding the relocated content I would be grateful.

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Ok, so maybe I am not crazy and this post was not migrated, is there a "lost post" area or person we should alert. I also noticed a lost "guest blog" entry from the old site which I thought would be migrated to "stories" and I let @sandervg know about mid June 2015. so far I'm not sure where these items fall on the priority list since they are making bigger improvements still on this site.

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I found the topic on the old forum in the Art of printing on page 5.

The fact you can't find it in google may be related to the fact the forum isn't as active anymore and doesn't pop up as high in google search anymore.

M3Dical's history goes only as far back as April 17th, this specific post is created on April 4th.

That is why it doesn't show up in his history.

Why it is not in this forum we will look into, thanks!

About your post, it is still noted but as guessed with the work we had to do it was not our highest priority, but definitely not forgotten.


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