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UltiController SD Card slot broken

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Hello EverybodyMy UltiController has a broken SD Card slot. If you slide in the card, it pops right out again (so it's not locking in place). I have that issue since quite some time now and my solution until now was, that I created my own ulticontroller case with a sd lock slider :). Have a look:5a33103b8d83e_2015-05-1907_01_34.thumb.jpg.cae0377ac92d3541901f956353614bea.jpgI allways thought that on my next order for a teflon piece I will order a new board (or maybe fix it with a new sd card "holder").My questions:

  • Anyone with the same problem?
  • Did you replace the SD Card slot or bought a new UltiController board?
  • Where to buy only the board (igo3d OR ultimaker store has only the kit).
  • other ideas?
  • out of context: how do I add a
    before and after thumbnails?



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If you want to replace it you could also just buy a cheaper ramps full graphics controller like reprapdiscount. They go for 20-30€ and you can print the box (many designs on thingiverse or youmagine).

Search Full Graphic Smart LCD Controller Ramps compatible.

And with @amedee firmware builder it's very easy to activate that:


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Hi @Neotko

thanks. I allready have one of those (I forgot to mention that, that's right) and I now how to change marlin to make it work (amedee's firmaware buider is fantastic btw, thanks for that!). I bought the full graphic smart lcd controller for another project... small cnc mill.

But I actually like the "small" footprint of the original UltiController... so if it's doable, I would like to fix it / replace it (also would like to keep my case :)). I might just desolder the SD card slot and replace it...

Best Regards


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Youe case looks good indeed. You clearly know more about this than me. I would just buy a sd extension and make the fit fixed and place the new sd card loader on a cool spot. Also it's a fast way to buy a new connector if you are going to solder it.

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Resurrecting an old post...


Did you ever solve the broken SD card slot problem? My SD card slot just broke on my 1.5 month old UMO+. I like your custom UltiController case, but I'd like to just get my printer working again.

I guess I'm still in the warranty period, so if there isn't an easy fix on YouTube or something, I'll contact support.

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