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Different print quality settings on the same print

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I use Cura, and currently I work with the 15.04 version.

Was just thinking about if it would be possible to print with 2 (or more) different layer thickness settings on the same print:

for example a 0.06 layer thickness related to the outer shell and 0.12 or 0.18 for the infill. So it could print much faster with a low quality infill with much less layers to print, while the outer shell has a high quality finish.

It´s possible to achieve it and I´m just missing something?. Or it´s just a stupid dream, and for some reason, difficult to achieve?.

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On the old cura you could use a pluging to merge two different gcodes. Anyhow if you need that 'right now' you might needto buy Simplify3D.


On simplify3d it's really easy to make different areas, stls, or heights at different qualitys https://www.simplify3d.com/support/tutorials/different-settings-for-different-regions-of-a-model/

Edit: On cura 15.04 you should be able to use:



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Keep in mind that this assumes layers don't change much from one to the next but this isn't always true. In other words if the infill is ever other layer of the edge, and the edge position changes suddenly the infill will not line up to the new edge properly.

What's more common is to want to change layer height or remove infill for certain areas of the part. For example when printing the dome ceiling of the droid icon guy with the rounded top, you want to make the layers as thin as possible when the dome is almost flat so you don't get that staircase look on the top of the dome.

Or if you have a part that needs 100% infill in a small area but no infill at all for the rest - simplify3d can do that.

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