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IMPORTANT Cura 15.06 Doesn't Heat! / Blue retraction lines?

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I am trying to print with usb with Cura, it sees the printer but when I click "print with USB" it doesnt heat the nozzle and the buildplate just moves nozzle like it prints.

The other question is I cant see the path of the nozzle which I see in the older version of Cura, I need to see the blue lines of retraction, they are important for me.

I need solutions immediately, I just made a quick search with google but couldnt find anything. I hope someone helps soon :)

Thanks in advance...

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15.09.90 is out already ;)

That version does not have retraction lines, as we received that contribution too late to be put into the 15.10 beta.


I am new to these beta versions. How to download them? And also do you use them or another stable one? I am used to custom android roms, probably this is something similar with them but as I said I am new in this area :)

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the Cura beta is basically a work in process, great potential but currently still rather unstable.

so great to play with if you like that sort of thing, but if you just want to print better stick to 15.04 for now.

You can just download and install different versions on the same pc (I only speak windows..) to play with.

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