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Dual extrusion on Ultimaker 2 extended One part Plastic the other Silicone syringe

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Hello all,

Looking to find some like minded individuals with ultimaker knowledge like myself to solve this situation ive created for myself. I am in need of some help in figuring out how I print 2 very different materials at the same time on my ultimaker 2 extended. In a nutshell I am essentially developing a human brain test dummy, as some of you might not know our brain is a vary fluid like substance with a membrane surrounding it. So with that being said here are the ideas that I have:

(To print dual materials one likely ninjaflex or a taulman nylon thats semi flexible to simulate the tissue membrane on the exterior over the more fluid white matter of the brain. My idea is to use the hot end for the semi flexible material and the other slot for a tube feed syringe extruder with a large nozzle to fill as its printing. )

P.s. This is actually for a my design thesis project for my final semester in Industrial design Studio and I really hope to make this come alive. The final purpose to creating this is to subject this analog brain to simulated head injuries with the Bio-Medical engineering department at my school (NJIT). Im interested in any ideas or directions that the community can give. If this isnt the best place to be asking this question please feel free to lead me in the right direction.


Andrew Industrial/Product Design Student

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there are syringe holders on youmagine that you can print. then if you buy another feeder motor, drive wheel and bowden tube (just print the rest of the feeder) you can run it as a dual extrusion printer.

Cura does have dual extrusion capabilities but you might be best to use simplify 3d software.

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Yeah I looked into simplify 3d the price tag seems rather steep for a slicer if you ask me. I wish their was another slicer that was like it that was open source. Also forgot to mention I was thinking of taking my old hot end from before my olson block conversion and modifying it to accept a sealed bowden tube to allow the silicon to be extruded through that. I think the mechanical component I somewhat have down its the slicer and wiring of an additional stepper motor im concerned about.

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Wiring an addition stepper is easy. you can look on the UM git hub at the board diagram to see where it all wires in. I think its labeled on the board anyway.

You can use CURA for dual extrusion and it is open source. If you use your nozzle idea it should work just fine. Simplify just more settings to play with.

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For printing flexible materials this mod might be helpfull: https://www.youmagine.com/designs/ultimaker-2-straight-tube-flexible-filament-spool-holder

For using dual head configuration I have seen something with magnets on this forum, this thread might be interesting: https://ultimaker.com/en/community/10657-a-different-multi-extrusion-approach-um-tool-printhead-changer

If you have an idea about extruding silicone with a syringe, please let it know, I also am interested :)

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Thanks guys and yes SandervG I have seen that, actually I saw it at the last MakerFair NYC as a start up company, and hence was Inspired by that design to a degree. However my solution is to use the existing second nozzel hole without changing the length of the head. Visited my local hardware store today and am already in the process of printing the mechanical parts. Its basically a mini version of the buildplate but designed to move a syringe to extrude the silicon. I really hope it works lol I have a bio medical department in need of this device and a product for the end of the semester.

Antonverburg that was a neat dual head Idea, I had heard of something similiar to that and thought it an interesting approach to the design of a second material extruder.

Thanks again everyone keep the ideas flowing it's certainly helping.

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Last time I tried with the UM2 I could not get the wizzard to work, but it's fairly easy to set it up manually.

I may have mentioned some info in this topic... it's rather long...


Think the basic is:

set up 2 processes, allocate a head to each.

set the offset between the heads

set the toolchange retraction

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