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Make hot end rapid over empty space

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I'm printing a pipe in a spiral and it's taking forever, Cura says it should take 10 hours, it's hour 13 and it's not yet half done.

I notice that the hot end always stays over the part the problem is when it Rapids to another section of the pipe it follows the inside wall off pipe to the center the back out the out side wall until it gets to where it's going extrudes a tiny bit the jumps to another section and repeat this endlessly. How do stop it from doing this, I don't care if it Rapids over empty space. The part is a 1/2" solid pipe the spirles out to 9", like a lollipop.

Your help is greatly appreciated.

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You must also have combing on. I will travel over empty space if its turned off.

For pipes you normally have a solid model and you set infill to 0% and turn top and bottom layers off. Then turn spiralize on and set how many walls you want.

But as IRobertI says. You should always check layer view first to see its going to do what you want.

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