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HEEELP print problem in the right corner

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Buy a UM2 +, it took a week to 30 hours without problems printed.

But now after updating the latest firmware, I have problems printing in the right corner of the print.

After 4 unsuccessful attempts, all there, try Bed leveling, glue, Bed leveling again, clean the base, nothing works, follows the same error.

Please help

Attached pictures of a square test problem where it begins. 5a331aaa08aae_Capturadepantalla2016-04-06alas22_49_06.thumb.png.ae67836b2929c3e97019be6f7a03c9d6.png 5a331aab21749_Capturadepantalla2016-04-06alas22_50_34.thumb.png.161e444516b76018b0f3da028a21013f.png



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How tall is the first layer?

The calibration on the front right screw is a little tiny bit off.

There's a chance that your bed is slightly banana or the thin x/y shafts.

Could you readjust the bed or run the calibration again and re try?

But also try to make the first layer at least 0.2 height.

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And the same problem width the first layer 0.2 height.

The bed is on a level surface.

The problem is only in the back right. How do you can only calibrate the rear right side ?, because in the front right there is no problem.

Look if there was something on the back that would push up, but there is nothing

Help please,

Ultimaker moderator, you're my only hope

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did you try to rotate the glass plate 180 degrees? or flip it over?

If it it still in the back then it is your aluminum bed, if the problem moves to another area it is probably the glass.


Love the idea!

According to UM the sticker side has something to improve adhesion (but I print on the other side on my um3...).

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