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First print "Y". Is this normal?

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I would say that it isn't "abnormal"... What I mean by that is that it looks like something easily seen before, but can also become better with the right settings.

Basically what you have there is a print with a lot of small pillars with bridging or travel moves between them... These are hard features to print compared to alot of other models (say if the Y was solid)

One of the things you need to do is enable advanced settings and start playing around... For instance you need to fine-tune your travel and retraction settings and play around with temperature until you find something suitable for your model, print speed, material etc.

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ABS is more difficult to print with - why did you choose ABS? The printer can print ABS but to get good consistent quality will take quite a bit of learning. PLA takes learning also but you can get high quality so much sooner. Some people the ABS is stronger or more flexible but PLA is just as strong and most modern formulations (e.g. ultimaker brand, colorfabb) are just as flexible or close enough. ABS does withstand higher temperatures though.

You need to supply a larger photo - I can't tell if it's stringing, underextrusion, or both. Tommy thinks stringing but I'm not convinced. You probably have the retraction settigns such that it doesn't always retract - this part needs thousands (tens of thousands?) of retractions and the advanced retraction settings may be blocking some of those.

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