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is there a guide to choosing proper replacement stepper motors?

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so the x axis stepper motor on my machine failed and i need a new one, the only canadian ultimaker supplier is out of stock and i found other suppliers with stepper motors but i have no idea how to determine what will work as a replacement or not. my friend gave me a stepper motor from one of his delta printers but i have no idea how to tell if it is the proper motor or not. it has the same sized faceplate (nema 17 i believe) but the body of the motor is also a bit longer than the ultimaker motor

here is a photo of the stepper motor he gave me.



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I only see two problems.

It looks larger than um2 x/y stepper so might hit the bed.

And the shafts isn't round. There's must be a reasonwhy ultimaker doesn't use marked x/y motors there but only on the feeder?

The amps, force and 1.8 degrees seem ok. Worse case you break something :D

Pololu steppers are cheap, but if you buy them otherplace than ultimaker distributor you will need to solder the propper plastic plug to connect it.

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You can find some of the information in Ultimaker's GitHub.

Here is a link to the PDF where you can see the dimensions at least:


But it doesn't show any electrical details, or what brand/model they actually used.

You could also check this clone...it probably uses a stepper with similar characteristics as the original one:


He seems to use this one:


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actually i found the best deal is a website called http://www.robokits.co.nz/ they had them cheaper than anywhere even with shipping included. ultimakers canadian distributor had to order them from a warehouse which takes 2 or 3 weeks plus then shipping to me all while costing more than this UK company to bring it to canada

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