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Ultimaker 2+ retraction problems?

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Posted (edited) · Ultimaker 2+ retraction problems?

I am printing GCODE files from Simplify3D on my Ultimaker2+ (using Ultimaker 2 profile in Simplify3D). Printing generally works well, but I have some problems with retraction and blobs. I lowered the temp from 230 to 210 and changed extraction from 4mm to 5mm. Still I have some blobs. Below are the settings I use in Gcode. Can anyone recommend any changes? That would be awesome!


;   printMaterial,PLA;   printQuality,Medium;   printExtruders,;   extruderName,Primary Extruder;   extruderToolheadNumber,0;   extruderDiameter,0.4;   extruderAutoWidth,0;   extruderWidth,0.4;   extrusionMultiplier,1;   extruderUseRetract,1;   extruderRetractionDistance,5;   extruderExtraRestartDistance,0;   extruderRetractionZLift,0;   extruderRetractionSpeed,1500;   extruderUseCoasting,1;   extruderCoastingDistance,1;   extruderUseWipe,0;   extruderWipeDistance,2;   primaryExtruder,0;   layerHeight,0.3;   topSolidLayers,3;   bottomSolidLayers,3;   perimeterOutlines,2;   printPerimetersInsideOut,1;   startPointOption,2;   startPointOriginX,0;   startPointOriginY,0;   startPointOriginZ,300;   sequentialIslands,0;   spiralVaseMode,0;   firstLayerHeightPercentage,130;   firstLayerWidthPercentage,100;   firstLayerUnderspeed,0.3;   useRaft,0;   raftExtruder,0;   raftLayers,3;   raftOffset,3;   raftSeparationDistance,0.14;   raftInfill,85;   disableRaftBaseLayers,0;   useSkirt,1;   skirtExtruder,0;   skirtLayers,1;   skirtOutlines,2;   skirtOffset,4;   usePrimePillar,0;   primePillarExtruder,999;   primePillarWidth,12;   primePillarLocation,7;   primePillarSpeedMultiplier,1;   useOozeShield,0;   oozeShieldExtruder,999;   oozeShieldOffset,2;   oozeShieldOutlines,1;   oozeShieldSidewallShape,1;   oozeShieldSidewallAngle,30;   oozeShieldSpeedMultiplier,1;   infillExtruder,0;   internalInfillPattern,Rectilinear;   externalInfillPattern,Rectilinear;   infillPercentage,40;   outlineOverlapPercentage,15;   infillExtrusionWidthPercentage,100;   minInfillLength,5;   infillLayerInterval,1;   infillAngles,45,-45;   overlapInfillAngles,0;   generateSupport,1;   supportExtruder,0;   supportInfillPercentage,40;   supportExtraInflation,0;   denseSupportLayers,0;   denseSupportInfillPercentage,70;   supportLayerInterval,1;   supportHorizontalPartOffset,0.3;   supportUpperSeparationLayers,1;   supportLowerSeparationLayers,1;   supportType,0;   supportGridSpacing,4;   maxOverhangAngle,45;   supportAngles,0;   temperatureName,Primary Extruder,Heated Build Platform;   temperatureNumber,0,1;   temperatureSetpointCount,1,1;   temperatureSetpointLayers,1,1;   temperatureSetpointTemperatures,210,60;   temperatureStabilizeAtStartup,1,1;   temperatureHeatedBed,0,1;   temperatureRelayBetweenLayers,0,0;   temperatureRelayBetweenLoops,0,0;   fanLayers,1,2;   fanSpeeds,0,100;   blipFanToFullPower,1;   adjustSpeedForCooling,1;   minSpeedLayerTime,15;   minCoolingSpeedSlowdown,20;   increaseFanForCooling,1;   minFanLayerTime,10;   maxCoolingFanSpeed,30;   increaseFanForBridging,1;   bridgingFanSpeed,45;   use5D,1;   relativeEdistances,0;   allowEaxisZeroing,1;   independentExtruderAxes,0;   includeM10123,0;   stickySupport,1;   applyToolheadOffsets,0;   gcodeXoffset,0;   gcodeYoffset,0;   gcodeZoffset,0;   overrideMachineDefinition,1;   machineTypeOverride,0;   strokeXoverride,230;   strokeYoverride,225;   strokeZoverride,205;   originOffsetXoverride,0;   originOffsetYoverride,0;   originOffsetZoverride,0;   homeXdirOverride,-1;   homeYdirOverride,-1;   homeZdirOverride,-1;   flipXoverride,1;   flipYoverride,-1;   flipZoverride,1;   toolheadOffsets,0,0|0,0|0,0|0,0|0,0|0,0;   overrideFirmwareConfiguration,1;   firmwareTypeOverride,RepRap (Marlin/Repetier/Sprinter);   GPXconfigOverride,r2;   baudRateOverride,250000;   overridePrinterModels,1;   printerModelsOverride;   startingGcode,M907 E1400 ; increase extruder current,G28 ; home all axes,G1 X20 Y10 F3000 ; bring extruder to front,G92 E0 ; zero the extruded length,G1 Z10 ; lower,G1 E19 F200 ; purge nozzle quickly,G1 E26 F60 ; purge nozzle slowly,G92 E0 ; zero the extruded length again,G1 E-5.5 F400 ; retract,G1 X190 Z0 F9000 ; pull away filament,G1 X210 F9000 ; wipe,G1 Y20 F9000 ; wipe,G1 E0 ; feed filament back;   layerChangeGcode,;   retractionGcode,;   toolChangeGcode,;   endingGcode,G28 X0 ; home the X-axis,M104 S0 ; turn off heaters,M140 S0 ; turn off bed,M84 ; disable motors;   exportFileFormat,gcode;   celebration,0;   celebrationSong,Random Song;   postProcessing,;   defaultSpeed,3600;   outlineUnderspeed,0.6;   solidInfillUnderspeed,0.8;   supportUnderspeed,0.8;   rapidXYspeed,4500;   rapidZspeed,1200;   minBridgingArea,5;   bridgingExtraInflation,0;   bridgingExtrusionMultiplier,1;   bridgingSpeedMultiplier,0.5;   filamentDiameter,2.85;   filamentPricePerKg,46;   filamentDensity,1.25;   useMinPrintHeight,0;   minPrintHeight,0;   useMaxPrintHeight,0;   maxPrintHeight,0;   useDiaphragm,0;   diaphragmLayerInterval,20;   robustSlicing,1;   mergeAllIntoSolid,0;   onlyRetractWhenCrossingOutline,1;   retractBetweenLayers,0;   useRetractionMinTravel,1;   retractionMinTravel,0.02;   retractWhileWiping,0;   onlyWipeOutlines,1;   avoidCrossingOutline,0;   maxMovementDetourFactor,3;   toolChangeRetractionDistance,12;   toolChangeExtraRestartDistance,-0.5;   toolChangeRetractionSpeed,600;   allowThinWallGapFill,1;   thinWallAllowedOverlapPercentage,10;   horizontalSizeCompensation,0


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Posted (edited) · Ultimaker 2+ retraction problems?
; defaultSpeed,3600

; outlineUnderspeed,0.6

; solidInfillUnderspeed,0.8

; supportUnderspeed,0.8

Try to make all the speeds identical. This can reduce stringing quite a bit. I don't know S3D but I assume 3600 means 60mm/sec and .6 means 36mm/sec for outer shell and .8 means 48mm/sec for infill and support. Make them all 35mm/sec (slower and equal). At 35mm/sec you get much less pressure in the head so less leaking.

Just experiment. If that works try increasing the speed in the TUNE menu and take notes. Then set it to the fastest speed with no stringing but trying increasing infill speed. Take notes.

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Posted · Ultimaker 2+ retraction problems?


when you say blobs, is the it's dripping out of the nozzle and going onto your print, it leaves a blob before moving of the the next part or a blob at the start of the next part.

if it's the latter then in the extra retraction distance enter a negative value.

if it's the first one then I think your temp is still to high or increase the retraction.

the middle one asks for faster retraction or tick the retract during wipe.

hope this helps


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