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Feature Request: Save/Load session as project-file

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I would like to have an option to save all the settings and the file name of 3D-file in a "project-like" file. So that, when I open that project again, my model, the orientation it is in, and all the print settings are restored.

This is usefull, if you come back after some time and look at what you did when you printed this or that model, how this support setting/pattern/... worked better than that. It's simply not possible and/or practical to recover that from the GCode-files.


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Have you looked at the end of the gcode generated by Cura 2.x?

While it may not be really easy to recover the settings used in the model, most of them are enumerated there:


;End of Gcode;SETTING_1 [general]\nversion = 1\nname = Current settings\nweight = 0\n\n[setti;SETTING_1 ngs]\nlayer_height = 0.2\nspeed_topbottom = 45\nmaterial_print_temper;SETTING_1 ature = 215\nretraction_min_travel = 0.5\nspeed_wall_x = 60\nskirt_ga;SETTING_1 p = 0\nraft_surface_line_width = 0.4\ninfill_before_walls = False\nin;SETTING_1 fill_sparse_density = 15\nmaterial_bed_temperature = 55\nspeed_wall =;SETTING_1  45\ntop_bottom_thickness = 0.8\nsupport_enable = False\nraft_airgap ;SETTING_1 = 0.25\nsupport_angle = 50\nspeed_infill = 80\nretraction_speed = 40\;SETTING_1 nskirt_line_count = 1\nraft_surface_thickness = 0.27\nwall_thickness ;SETTING_1 = 0.8\nadhesion_type = raft\nlayer_0_z_overlap = 0\nretraction_amount;SETTING_1  = 4.5\nspeed_layer_0 = 45\nsupport_type = buildplate\n\n


Not sure if this is used anywhere or why the linefeeds are not activated

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Hmm, interesting. This may be a measure of last-resort to sift though that by hand. Also, not all information is saved there, like original file name, placement information,..

Maybe Cura could add an menu item "Restore session from GCode..."

Anyway, I posted the topic over a GitHub: https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura/issues/868

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