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PROBLEM printing please help Polymaker PC-Max polycarbonate

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Hi there i just don't know what to try more i have problem with simple object i need to print it failed at least 10 times


Here is the problem i keep getting error

ERROR -STOPPED heater error go to : ultimaker.com/ERO3


I told because im pushing the ultimaker over 250 temperature and the room i was printing is cold so i move it in a warm room this didn't help i also try ruining the fans on 20% and 0% same thing again. The thing is this will happen on random places over the print i decided to stay and watch the full print and see what happens prior to this so i had the temperature up in the menu to look what will happen it was between 255 to 253 but no dramatic changes while printing and then just before the error it start doping rapidly from 255 to 248 and the error appear i think i found what was going on for some reason on random it will make a big drop of plastic on the nozzle witch probably dissipate allot of heat when wrapped around the nozzle and that is the sudden drop in temperature see the image bellow.


Is not the leveling of the plate is not warping print as i try sorting out all of this i level it probably 10 times i went from glue to painters tape to BuildTak same thing is not the filament roll tangling as i put it on the ground so it can feed without a problem.

I really don't know what is going wrong.

here are the settings in cura:

Layer height: 0.3mm

Shell thickness: 1.6mm

Enable retraction : on

Bottom/Top thickness: 1mm

Fill Density: 35%

Print speed: 50

Nozzle size 0.8

here the settings on ultimaker

Nozzle: olsson block 0.8mm

Filament: Polymaker PC-Max

Nozzle temperature: 255

Build plate temperature: 80

Fan speed 20%

Please help i really don't know what to do any more.




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just set fans to 50% to get this part done.

If you aren't in a rush I recommend you get a 35W heater. If you don't want to wait for that you have several options:

1) The UM comes with a 25W heater which is plenty but yours might be lower as there is a large variation so you might only have a 20W heater and you are pushing it too far. But I also see you have an olsson block and this error is very common because your Olsson block is probably touching your fan shroud. So you can try to fix that - for example raise the block up higher by tightening that round nut (no disassembly necessary but heat the nozzle to 170C first in case there is plastic in the threads). Or you could put polyimide tape between the block and the fan shroud. Or you could remove the fan shroud. or lower it slightly by loosening the four screws and pushing down and tightening. or you could just run your fans at 50% instead of 100% (that will definitely help avoid this error!).

2) You could get rid of this error in the firmware. It's a safety thing in case your temp sensor falls out or your heater falls out but I have this disabled in my firmware and have printed for years with no problems.

3) Like I said, you can just get a 35W heater.

More about the feature and the firmware and where to get older firmware:

You get an error if the heater can't move a certain amount in a certain time while driving full power (when it is close to goal temp it typically runs well below full power):



14.09 - does not have the feature

14.12 oct 16, 2014 - feature introduced. 20C in 20 Seconds

14.12.1 dec 15, 2014 - from 20C to 10C (still in 20 seconds)

15.01 jan 14, 2015 - from 20 secs to 30 secs (now 10C in 30 seconds)

So for example you could download cura version 14.09 and update your firmware using that firmware version. Cura is unique in that you can have dozens of versions all installed at the same time - each version is treated by windows as a completely independent , unrelated program.

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I already try putting the fans slow but no help i also turn them off and same thing.

Thanks for the suggestions i will defiantly try them now and i will post update.

Btw i just found when i go to maintenance in the ultimaker and if i start extruding material rapidly the temperature drops quickly and im able to do the same error without waiting for the print so probably i have as you said really week heater probably 20W and when material get extruded fast the temperature of the heater start plumbing.

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Ok this material is driving me nuts

after fixing the problem with the error the underextruding is crazy when im printing the model

I printed the extruder test to see on what speed is the problem and this is the result


perfect print on 10mm^3 it started underextruding a bit but normal - Temperature haven't move even on the 10mm 254 255.


so is that mean is some problem with my model or settings ? if somebody have idea please help

I will be trying to print the model in abs later today to see if is from the material

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They were all solid cubes and I was in the TUNE menu non stop increasing and decreasing speed to see how fast I could go such that the infill was still touching.  Even if I found the cube it would be garbage because when I was at 20mm^3/s it was underextruding which was about half the time (half the time underextrucing) because I was constantly changing the speed.

For "real" prints I usually try to keep things at half max speed or slower.   Oh wait - I have video... but the object is too blurry I think to see much - this was with my old phone a few years ago - I guess it had low quality video (now everything is HD):


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