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Heating speed-up plugin

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When printing small parts I got a bit embarrased because Cura G-Code first heats the bed, waits for it to reach its temperature, then the nozzle. So I decided to code a small Cura 15.04-plugin to start heating the nozzle while in parallel heating the bed.

The code:


#Name: Parallel Heat#Info: Start pre-heating the nozzle while heating the bed#Depend: GCode#Type: postprocess#Param: temperature(float:170) Preheat Temperature (deg C)__copyright__ = "Copyright © 2016 Roland Steinbach  - Released under terms of the AGPLv3 License"import refrom Cura.util import profilewith open(filename, "r") as f:lines = f.readlines()with open(filename, "w") as f:f.write("M104 S%f\n" % (temperature))for lIndex in xrange(len(lines)):line = lines[lIndex]f.write(line) 


Save this as "parallelHeat.py" and place it in your plugin-folder. Then activate it and set a somewhat reasonable temperature for the nozzle.

Now when starting to print, the nozzle gets heated in parallel with the bed. This speeds up the print appr. your bed-heat time.

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What material do you need such a behavior for? Heating up the nozzle should take much less time than heating up the bed. Cura heats the bed up to a certain level and then starts to heat the nozzle in parallel. On my UM2 with 35W heater the two are pretty well synchronized.

Please be also aware that legacy Cura you wrote the plugin for is not supported anymore by Ultimaker.

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This is especially for the impatient ;)

My nozzle usually takes appr. 2 minutes to heat up for ABS, think of a small print with about 5 min printtime. This saves you almost 25% of printing time (in fact the time the nozzle needs to heat up).

Most important in your post are the words "and then" it heats the nozzle, this is done in parallel with the plugin.

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