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Remove small blobs and tiny strings


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Posted · Remove small blobs and tiny strings


Please can you help?

I have been testing parts using a .4 nozzle and I have achieved a good surface finish with regards to no unwanted lines across my top surface.

My next issue is tiny blobs and strings only around holes.

Please advise how to overcome this?


I cannot seem to enable my retraction height settings in Cura. For some reason they are hidden off.

Any ideas how I can un-hide these please?

Thanks very much,


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    Posted · Remove small blobs and tiny strings

    Hey Matt,

    Can you post some pictures of the strings and blobs you're talking about?

    Retraction is a good place to start looking, but there are lots of things that could be contributing.

    What kind of machine are you using and what kind of filament?

    If you're on a UM2 and up the retraction settings are going to be on your machine under the material settings, though you should also be adjust them in Cura. It will depend on the version of Cura you are using, but on the most current (2.3 I think...) you can setup your own material by going to Settings > Material > Manage Materials.

    From there I think you should be able to setup a custom material with whatever retraction settings you're looking for.

    Honestly, though I think it's going to be way easier to just change it on your machine.

    Again, the more info you can add to you question (pictures, print settings, etc) the easier it will be for folks in the forum to help you.


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    Posted · Remove small blobs and tiny strings

    Typically if you have strings and blobs you want to print slow - around 30mm/sec and cool and also stay away from white filament.  Please post photo of your issues.

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