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Can not pass filament through hot end!

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I have an ultimaker original+ that will not extrude very easily. I started an 8+hr print before i went to bed, woke up to an incomplete print. There were no issues that i could find, yet i couldnt even force feed filament through the head. I Contacted fbrc8 tech support and they determined the issue to be a temp sensor, that did not fix the issue. I then put in a new nozzle and it does the same exact thing. If i push as hard as i can for approximately 45 seconds ill get a little nipple pushing through the nozzle.. i am at a loss here!

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Since is a umo+ please give us:

- Failed print photo

- Photo of your hotend installed to see if there's an issue on your assembly.

- Like @IRobertI said, can you extrude filament by hand/does it melt?

- Is the bowden fully in, inside the ptfe coupler?

- Do you observe any leak (brown/black goo) on top of the aluminuheater block or on the botton near the nozzle?

- How many print hours (aprox) has your printer? A PTFE coupler last 50-200h tops, 3dsolex resellers have/sell a TFM coupler that should last much longer (I mark 'should' since I never heard reports on this).

- Did you atomic your hotend lately? Is always a good idea to keep the pipes clean, so to speak...

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