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Ultimaker 3 stops connection to Cura after about 20 min

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My Ultimaker 3 is connected by WIFI to my Laptop with Cura.

After about 20 min printing UM3 disconnects from Cura. Means webcam image freezes and UM3 can't be controlled any more.

I can reconnect to UM3 in "manage printers" but any time I need to walk to UM3 to allow the connection by button pressing.

Is there a way that the connection stays longer?

Is there a way to connect without manual confirmation at UM3?

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I'm having the same problem. Cura dropping in and out of connection with printer. Sometimes Cura will connect straight away with no problems, sometimes it will request authentication from the printer, sometimes says printer is busy when it is not so I can't send a print. There are four of us using the printer and we are all getting similar problems at random.

I've had IT in to look at connection issues but they say there is nothing wrong so it must be the printer.

We have the printer on a LAN but have tried wireless with similar results.

I have a print going right now (from a USB stick) so can't post the printer logs but I will upload them as soon as it finishes. Any help would be appreciated.

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