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  1. Yeah, my work network is a jungle. I usually have to enter it manually or it doesn't discover. After each print even the printer displays that it is not connected and pinging the static IP does nothing. I have tried many things to get it to reconnect but only restarting seems to do the trick.
  2. Pygex, I am having the same issue! I have searched everywhere and posted on a few different threads without much luck. Just this week I discovered the bug has something to do with the tool change. That would explain why it dies after 20-30 minutes. The first layer! This week I printed a few times without using core 2 and it has stayed connected almost all week. It is the first time I have kept it connected in months. Please try a few prints without a tool change and reply back... My BB print core two is still installed but I just leave it empty and it is disabled in cura (4.4).
  3. I have been having a similar issue on my UM3 for months. After 20 or so minutes the wifi connection cuts out, only a reboot fixes it in my case. Just this week I discovered my issue/bug was somehow related to the tool change. The wifi dies right after it changes from core 0 to core 1. Could you S5 guys try making a few prints without a tool change and see if that keeps your wifi stay connected? I have gone months rebooting after every print and this week of only using core 0 I have only had to reboot once.
  4. It is a bug in the tool change. I have printed a few things using a single extruder (AA Core 0.8mm in slot 0). Although BB core 2 is installed I disable it in cura and the wifi stays connected indefinitely—multiple prints over multiple days and it is still going strong. Is there any workaround? Anyone see this?
  5. Well, I did learn some strange behavior of this bug if anyone is seeing or experiencing this... If I send the print over the network it will lose connection after 10-20 minutes of printing. If I abort the print manually and restart it locally after clearing the build plate it appears to stay connected for the duration of the print. I will try using a USB next.
  6. I know this post is long dead so I understand if no one follows up... I am having this exact same issue! We have 3 Ultimaker 3 printers on our network and there are regular issues with at least one printer disconnecting after 20 minutes of printing. At this time the only way I have found to fix it is to restart the printer. Obviously this is a pain because on long prints that means the printer is connected only the first 20 minutes or so. (So... for most of every print.) I also wish it was a consistent issue, at this time it appears only sometimes. OS X laptops - Moj
  7. I will try and see what I can put together. I just reinstalled the app. I do my best to keep everything updated so not sure why it popped up again, I have Oreo on my phone. Not sure if that effects anything.
  8. Hey, I just saw this duplicate thread over in firmware and wanted to pass on what I have found...
  9. Hey! I don't know if anyone is still following this but I found a workaround for this!! It is the NFC. That sounds strange but after months of troubleshooting this exact issue on my Galaxy S8+. It disconnects as soon as the printer recognizes any filament NFC chip. Select the filament manually and see if that works for you. It works for me immediately. Firmware updates only seem to fix it for me temporarily.
  10. Ok further troubleshooting and it seems to be all NFC enabled filaments. The disconnect is instantaneous. When adding the filament it goes from connected the "Maintenance" screen straight to cannot connect. When the NFC feature is overridden with a manual material selection it magically connects again.
  11. This is the weirdest issue that I have been troubleshooting for months. I have a lot of trouble connecting to my UM3 both with Cura (all OS X versions) and with Ultimaker 3 android app (v1.0.1). When I load Ultimaker PVA onto the printer it disconnects and refuses all control connections. I can always see it with the manual IP address and pings come back fine. When I remove the NFC PVA and select PVA manually I have no issues. The only exception appears to be after a firmware update it will connect until the printer is restarted. It is almost acting like port 80 (control port)
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