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  1. I will try and see what I can put together. I just reinstalled the app. I do my best to keep everything updated so not sure why it popped up again, I have Oreo on my phone. Not sure if that effects anything.
  2. Hey, I just saw this duplicate thread over in firmware and wanted to pass on what I have found...
  3. Hey! I don't know if anyone is still following this but I found a workaround for this!! It is the NFC. That sounds strange but after months of troubleshooting this exact issue on my Galaxy S8+. It disconnects as soon as the printer recognizes any filament NFC chip. Select the filament manually and see if that works for you. It works for me immediately. Firmware updates only seem to fix it for me temporarily.
  4. Ok further troubleshooting and it seems to be all NFC enabled filaments. The disconnect is instantaneous. When adding the filament it goes from connected the "Maintenance" screen straight to cannot connect. When the NFC feature is overridden with a manual material selection it magically connects again.
  5. This is the weirdest issue that I have been troubleshooting for months. I have a lot of trouble connecting to my UM3 both with Cura (all OS X versions) and with Ultimaker 3 android app (v1.0.1). When I load Ultimaker PVA onto the printer it disconnects and refuses all control connections. I can always see it with the manual IP address and pings come back fine. When I remove the NFC PVA and select PVA manually I have no issues. The only exception appears to be after a firmware update it will connect until the printer is restarted. It is almost acting like port 80 (control port) stops listening as soon as the NFC chip recognizes a spool of filament. I have tried resetting the printer to factory defaults and clearing the Cura Connect cache. Does anyone else experience this? I am a teacher on a medium-large network. We are an Apple network but I have an Android S8+ (Oreo). At this time I am no longer suspecting this is a network issue but a weird bug.
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