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  1. I can;t seem to find a feature to pause the current print queue in cura or on my UM3. If i need to change material is this possible or do I need to delete the entire print queue and reinstate it after I have changed the material? On another note, does anyone have the issue where the print job name overlaps the total print time? I've tried maximising the window with no change
  2. It's probably 2-3 years old now. How long do bowden tubes tend to last? I'll have a good clean out and check the feed gear and if this doesn't work i'll try replacing the bowden tubes. Thanks for the advice!
  3. My machine (UM3) seems to be leaving gaps when printing. I've tried cleaning the nossel and replacing the filament with no luck. The strange thing is that some parts seem fine and others are not. It tends to be cylindrical components which are printing incorrectly. See the attached picture, all these parts came off the same print. Any ideas what is happening here?
  4. Holy crap! I have owned a Ultimaker 3 since release and never knew this. I resorted to printing a bracket to hold the cable in place securely.
  5. Thanks Geert. From what you have said it does look that the nossel could be a bit close to the bed. I might try reducing the extrusion rate for the first layer and see if this works, then I will have a bit of a fiddle with the bed height and see if I can get a better layer
  6. The thing is that we can print at 1 layer height. For the 0.4 nozzle we have 4 qualities, but for certain materials with the 0.8 nozzle we only have 1 profile (as of yet, this might become a larger number). We can only select a quality type if both extruders support it. So in this case you can only have the one profile. You can always change the core in Cura and not sync it with the printer. If the second extruder is not used, cura shouldn't complain about a mismatch when trying to send the g-code. Thanks nallath, I'll just remove the core and replace when needed I think.
  7. I've just received my 0.8mm print core. One issue I'm having is I have the 0.4mm core in slot 1 and 0.8mm in slot 2. When I've started cura I only have 0.2mm layer height profiles for both cores. Is this normal? I've followed https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/20499-reset-cura-2-1 to reset the profiles but they disappear in a few seconds after startup. I have them set up like this so we can print either 0.8mm or 0.4mm without having to change the cores. Is this unadvised?
  8. The diameter of the extruded filament is likely too large. The only way to get this detail would be to use a smaller nozzle.
  9. Are these 0.8mm profiles for the http://3dsolex.com/ cores or are you preempting the release of official ultimaker cores?
  10. After a couple of days success the printer has locked me out again saying the printer address has not yet responded. Looks like there are still some bugs in 2.6. I've had much more success staying connected to the printer though so something has made a difference! Cheers
  11. I'll check it out and let you know in a few days if I am still having the same issues. Thanks nallath
  12. I'm having the same problem. Cura dropping in and out of connection with printer. Sometimes Cura will connect straight away with no problems, sometimes it will request authentication from the printer, sometimes says printer is busy when it is not so I can't send a print. There are four of us using the printer and we are all getting similar problems at random. I've had IT in to look at connection issues but they say there is nothing wrong so it must be the printer. We have the printer on a LAN but have tried wireless with similar results. I have a print going right now (from a USB stick) so can't post the printer logs but I will upload them as soon as it finishes. Any help would be appreciated.
  13. I'm printing with Ultimaker White CPE and the first layer is bobbling. As you can see if the attached pictures the printer has printed half the first layer from the center to the outside then moved back to the center to print the other half of the first layer. The bobbling does not seem to have carried over to the second half of the print. Does anyone know if this is a bed level issue or possibly an adhesion issue? The bed has not been leveled in a month or so but the auto level runs every week so should this not help keep the bed level? The printer is a UM3 printing CPE white (default settings) 240c Core, 80c BP. Clean glass, hairspray Thanks in advance
  14. Thanks Didier but I was hoping for official ultimaker nossels as I like the 'plug and play' profiles that are available with the UM3. Are there any estimated dates for different sized cores? Kind Regards
  15. I had the same issue. Updated the firmware about a month ago which has solved the problem for me.
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