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How to connect printer to Cura 2.4

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I don't think cura 2.X supports this anymore.  I recommend using pronterface for usb printing.  I believe Cura is now just a slicer.

Oh far from it. But we don't really support USB slicing. It's possible to get it to work, but it will probably need some attention from a software engineer to get it to work. But as I've mentioned quite a few times already; you can't expect Ultimaker to fix things for other 3D printers.

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Simple solution, which I have used for 3 years, is to download Repetier Host (free), which has solid USB connection and some good functions, to run your printer. Load your Cura sliced .stl file into RH and away you go. I am not at all sure on where you go with firmware as my printer came pre-loaded with RH firmware

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