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A revolutionary filter (Kickstarter project)

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(I had trouble creating the original post, so here it is in a reply.)

Hi all,

@IronRedstar posted an interesting Kickstarter project in the French forum and I thought it would get some wide exposure/evaluation/comments if it was mentioned in English as well.

It is a new particulate filter design/idea for 3D printers, including Ultimaker.  It closes soon and they are promising shipping soon too.

Anyway, if anyone is curious, here are some links:

French post: https://ultimaker.com/en/community/39499-un-filtre-revolutionnaire-projet-kickstarter

English Kickstarter page:

Comments and opinions would be appreciated, especially from the more experienced amongst us. :)


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After watching the video I am not exactly sure what the filter is, or how it works.

I saw something needed to be connected to the printhead, big cans of compressed air in the back, but the Zimpure itself did not look that big.

Edit; looking at the opening shot in the video it is far clearer what the filter actually looks like.

I'll check out the page some more, but overall I am very wary when it comes to kickstarter projects. There are so many (seemingly looking) good ideas, but miscalculations when it comes to actually making and shipping a product.

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Yeah, KickStarter is certainly a gamble and it is much harder to bring products to market than most people realize.

But I thought the idea was interesting enough to share.

Also it seems like they did some science on it, and I like that. Plus they seem to be past they blue sky idea phase and have an actual working system. That covers a big part of the risk, IMO.

But who knows. Place your bet or don't, right? :) That is why I was wondering what the 3D Printing experts in the community thought about it.

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