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Why does Cura 2.5's layer view want OpenGL 4.1 when S3D works great with 2.1?

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Why do apples taste different than oranges? Both are fruit!

The new layerview in Cura uses geometry shaders to offload most of the heavylifting of making the layers look spatial to the GPU. This way it can be done without too much change to the underlying code without a bug impact on performance.

Replacing the entire architecture of Cura to improve layerview just wasn't going to happen. The new layerview is an evolution, that leverages more modern GPUs in a smart way.

PS: remember layerview in Cura 2.1? Woah, things improved over the past year!

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Hmm, another thought occurred... how come the solid view looks so nice on my machine given that it is only using GL 2.1? If the solid view can look nice, why can't the layer view too?


The engine sends us 2D data for the layerview. We use geometry shaders to convert those into geometries. In order to do that, we need a pretty high opengl version.

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