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Need advice in choosing between UMO+ and UM2+

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I am trying to decide between UMO+ and UM2+. I have little bit of technical background and I have aim to print different mechanical parts with the 3d Printer. On paper both printers have same specs in terms of resolution and accuracy and UMO+ is substantially lower cost than UM2+. I understand that UMO+ is DIY 3d printer. I am wondering how much skill and time to required to get the assembly of UMO+ to UM2+ level of reliability, accuracy and resolution? Would it require constant adjustments for UMO+ to perform at the level of UM2+? I am little bit worried, as UMO+ is self assembled and I am wondering, if my assembly would match the factory level accuracy with relatively easy effort. Also are there any disadvantages of UM2+ over UMO+ other than the price?

Can somebody please advise?

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3d printers are not plug and play like 2d printers. It takes some practice and knowledge to get beautiful prints on both the UM2 and UMO. The UMO can produce just as good quality in my opinion although one problem the UMO tends to have over the UM2 is loose belts. But there are many great solutions to tighten the UMO belts a little bit. The UMO assembly may frustrate you. Anyone can do it but you need to pace yourself and stay motivated. Afterwards you will be much better off.

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If you dont care about the technology and just want to print good mechanical parts, go for the UM2.

If you want to learn and understand how these printers work + save some money on building it yourself, UMO :)

Both printers will give good prints, I love my UMO and dont regret going the longer way of building it and upgrading it slowly and learn the tech behind it.

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