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Printer head moving too far in X direction...

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So I just finished building and the made my square (which itself is of... questionable quality) and decided to just try printing the robot.

However, when I start the print, the head goes all to the "right" and "front" direction and then the X-motor keeps going for a while afterwards, despite hitting the safety switch. It seems like this is considered "home" for some reason.

Is there a calibration step I'm missing?


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Did you use Cura to slice the robot? Did you go through the Cura wizard where you check limit switches (aka end stops)? Did Cura load the marlin firmware into the ultimaker? What version of Cura do you have?

Assuming you got through the above just fine...

Assuming you don't have an ulticontroller, and assuming you are using Cura connected through usb, click "print". Control the X axis and Y axis. positive values in X should move the print head to the right. POsitive Y values should move the head towards the back. Is the X motor backwards? Maybe the wires were soldered to the X motor backwards if it moves the wrong direction?

I believe if you wire the servos backwards they move the opposite direction. There's also a flip bit in Marlin somewhere to flip any of the steppers.


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