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Printing whole part in PVA only?

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I would like to print a whole part in PVA as a dissolvable core for a carbon fiber part.

I cannot find the way to use Cura 2.5.0 to do this.

For "Support" and "Build Plate Adhesion" there is an option to select which extruder, but not for the main part itself.

I even tried unloading both filaments, and switching the BB core to extruder 1 side, and selecting PVA as the extruder 1 material, but still no luck.

Slicing ran fine and created G-code, but when I ran it the machine headed up, and then said "Print Completed" before printing anything.

Any advice is appreciated.


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Layer view is your friend. You can see the part in layer view. In the top right region you can click on the left or right extruder and the layer view highlights in brighter colors what will print in that material.

As a hack, if you can't get the slicer to do it, you can slice for pla but print with pva but alter the temperature (first find out default print temp for pla and pva then put the offset into the tune menu when it starts printing).

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load your part and use "per model settings" to select the extruder number that you want to print it with. If PVA is loaded in the right extruder (like default) then select extruder 2.



Nice. Thanks.

Funny that those options are totally separate from the normal right-hand list of settings. No wonder I couldn't find it.

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