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2.4 release cooling/minimum layer time and "Lift head" problem

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Hi This is something I rarely encounter but on this model, which I have to print this week-end is below minimum print time at the top and is suffering. I selected the option to Lift Head and when the model prints the head moves to the side as instructed but filament oozes out and then gets dragged across the model when the head moves back to print the layer. Is there a way to prevent this? I am sure I did this once under 15.n or 14.n and do not remember having this problem, maybe I am wrong on that.

Yes I know I can print a tower to raise layer print time and get around it that way but this will increase print time and cost my customer more.

I guess I do not understand why a retraction is not done when Lift Head is requested.

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Why still using Cura 2.4? Many bugs have been fixed since then.

I tried in the v2.6 Beta release and the generated gcode looks fine to me (comments at line ends added by me):

;Small layer, adding delayG1 F1500 E42.0107                   ; Do a 6.5mm retract.G0 F15000 X117.102 Y107.99 Z10.67   ; Move down 3mm G0 X101.587 Y95.362                 ; move asideG4 P1404                            ; wait 1404 ms


The 6.5mm retract is specified in the Cura setting 'Retraction Distance'.

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Thanks for the detail @Indy31,all that takes your time. Lol well if the release notes had something about it I would have upgraded but I did not see anything and I would rather stay with stable rather than Beta software in our production system unless needed.

Is it automatic or is there a setting to be set to cause the retraction.

Anyone know if this was fixed in 2.5 or was it 2.6?

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