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Ultimaker 2 won't load filament

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At the school where I work I take care of the Ultimaker 2 we use. Yesterday I could print without problems but "at once" there is a problem: when I load the filament during the menu orders, the knurled wheel that has to grab the filament turns reverse. I found out so far that while loading filament this wheel unloads en when the menu says "unloading" this wheel turns as if loading the filament.

What is wrong? Who can help me with this?

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The most likely issue is that you have the wrong firmware. The UM2 rotates one direction for feeding and the UM2+ and um2go rotate the other. Could you have loaded the um2+ firmware on a um2 or vice versa?

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More thoughts since you say you didn't load firmware:

If one of the 4 wires is broken the servo will sometimes turn the wrong way or not at all and just hum and vibrate.

You can reverse a stepper by swapping two of the wires in the connector. Swap the two wires in either twisted pair. In other words if green and black are twisted together then you can swap the positions of the green and black wire. This will reverse that stepper.

Usually a paperclip can be used to push the correct tabs and get the connect pins out. then reverse them and slide them back in until they snap into place. No soldering needed.

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