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Insert gcode on Layer X

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Yes i did and it works, but i have to set everything on every print.

I'm looking for a possibility to set a gcode snippet and then only to say insert thins on layer 40, or layer XY ...

As example, i have a third fan and i want him to blow on layers with small details. So i want to tell simply: power on at layer X; power off at layer Y; on again on layer Z

I know i can do it with search and replace and i do it this way, but maybe there is a more simpler way.

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I'm bored and this sounds interesting.

It could be as simple as a bunch of options like:

At Layer [ A ] do [ gcode ]
At Layer [ B ] do [ gcode ]

Or, something smarter like: Turn on Fan if Layer uses less than N.nn mm of filament.

Or maybe that's not exactly what you're looking for.

@ManuelW , contact me via PM if you want to discuss further. I may be able to help.

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