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UM3 extrude from 2nd nozzle

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I´ve got a problem with the second nozzle of my UM3. Before a 3d-print the main nozzle extrude a little bit filament and then starts with the object - thats standard workflow.

But I have the problem that after the first layer, the second nozzle extrude also filament to the edge of the heated bed. After extruding this little bit filament the first nozzle is working again and the object will be printed. It is not a big thing, but there´s sometimes a little bit filament left and the nozzle moves it to the layer and mixed the filaments...so I have sometimes different colors in the first layer.

How can I prevent the second nozzle from extruding filament while printing a one-color print? I have nothing found in Cura.

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you have to set all nozzle choices to nozzle 1. By heart: support nozzle, and nozzle that is used for build plate adhesion.

If there are no options set to nozzle 2, it will not use nozzle 2, and it will not prime it as well.

To be sure I understand this:

Model = nozzle 1 (PLA for example)

Brim = nozzle 1 (Same PLA)

No support = no nozzles employed because only brim and model are using nozzle 1

The reason I ask is that I know I have done that setup before and it did prime the PVA nozzle (#2) and then go back to printing with nozzle 1 from that point on.

Usually, I am using PVA as my brim, unless a material needs its own material such as PC and I have not used that as an option for a while. Almost all prints within recent memory have used a PVA brim at least.

Edit: In the desire to be complete, I would like to add that it may have been on an earlier version of Cura and/or firmware. Currently up to date on both (Not beta) and I just started a 3.3 day print, so I cannot test it to confirm if it still happens.

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