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i need a pluggin

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Posted · i need a pluggin

My prints always fouled up. Then i figured out that if i give an additional click (one click) to both z axis motors after every layer, the print continues flawlessly to the end. But in a 15 hour print job, having to give that clicks every 14 minutes is downright degrading to my quality of life. I would love a pluggin code or tweak that would instruct the printer to turn that extra click autonimously after every layer.

Or maybe someone could tell me which setting i could adjust that would do the same.


Super Hopefull.

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Posted (edited) · i need a pluggin

sounds great but aren't your parts a little bit too tall or short at the end?

Anyway I'd have to see a print but lets assume you are either over or underextruding and giving the Z motor a click helps.  

Actually when you say "additional" I guess that means you are moving the bed further down so I'd say you are over extruding.  So the Z axis on the UM2 (which printer is this anyway) is 200 microsteps/mm and I believe 8 microsteps per step.  Each click is a step.  so 200/8 is 25 clicks/mm or .04mm.  If your layer height is say .1mm you are adding an extra .04mm (wow) so that is an extra 40%.  You're parts are probably 40% too tall if you are doing .1mm layers or 20% too tall if you are doing for example .2mm layers.  Anyway lets say it's .2mm layers then (40% is insane).  So 1/1.2 is 83% - set your flow to 83%.  If you were doing .2mm layers and if you were using a UMO, UM2 or UM3 which are all 25 clicks/mm.

Or it might be that your Z movement is off by a lot.  In that case you would want to calibrate the Z.  What kind of printer is this anyway?  Is it Marlin based?  If so you want to hook up a USB cable and pronterface and move the Z by say 30mm and see if it actually moved 30mm.  Probably not - probably only 15mm.  Probably your steps/mm is way off.

If that's the issue you can use the M92 gcode to fix this. Read up on gcodes and pronterface and M92 and how to use pronterface to read the current steps/mm. You will also have to do a M500 to save this so that you don't lose this one power cycle.

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